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Racist Cops Sued For Ignoring Harmless Black Man

Racist Cops Sued For Ignoring Harmless Black Man published on

Darnel Harris, a young black man residing in New York,  has launched a multi million dollar lawsuit against the city and the police force, alleging discrimination and neglect occasioning emotional distress.

Mr. Harris says he feels left out of the traditional slaying of young black males so popular in the U.S…

“What’s a brother gotta do to get his head blown off ‘round here? I’ve tried it all man! I’ve tried driving around minding my own business! I’ve tried going to the train station and lying face down on the ground! I’ve even tried hanging around 7/11s wearing a hoodie, and nothing! No bullets, no beatings, not even a “Get yo’ black ass back to the jungle!” I’m starting to feel like I’m the only black man in the country that isn’t getting any attention from the authorities. It’s starting to affect me at work. I can’t concentrate properly, I just sit there thinking “What’s wrong with me? Why won’t anyone shoot me dead?” The other day I was so distracted I tried to phone my dad on a ham sandwich!”

Mr. Harris, who has been in therapy for the last five months, tells us that despite the lawsuit he hasn’t yet given up on being shot dead. “There’s always hope, you know? Next thing I’m gonna do is go to a senior citizen’s home, wait for a police car to come along, then help a little old lady across the street. If that doesn’t do the trick I don’t know what will!”

Oh, My Goodness Gracious Me!

Oh, My Goodness Gracious Me! published on

Once again the left has decided to make itself look like a pack of dumbasses by being outraged by Ashton Kutcher’s extremely bad impression of an Indian man in some stupid commercial for some sort of (probably) carcinogenic snack.

Idiots across the internet are screaming hysterically that the whole thing is dreadfully racist, and as is so often the case, the company making the junk food in question has wimped out and pulled the Indian character. It has not, of course, pulled the stoner, the biker and the fashionista, presumably because they are bigots who think it is okay to poke fun at some groups but not at others.

Fact is, this is just a stupid (and staggeringly unfunny) ad for the kind of garbage eaten by the kind of morons who laugh at Two and a Half Men, and that’s all it is. It doesn’t portray the Indian man as an inferior person, nor does it in any way vilify him. Sure, he’s a stereotype but what the hell are the other characters in the ad? That’s right, they are stereotypes. That self-important Indians who think they deserve to be treated with more dignity than other groups would complain does not surprise me. What does surprise me is that sites like The Guardian are joining the chorus of jackanapes. Have the editors at The Guardian no concept of the real problems being faced by the left? You know, minor matters like war and corporate greed? This strikes me as yet another sad case of the left allowing unimportant matters to distract them from the real work of the left, which is to fight for class equity, and leave the faux outrage to latte-sipping “liberals” who have no objection to poverty and classism — as long as it effects everyone on the color spectrum equally.

The red herring is below, and here is some pinhead at The Guardian blithering about the whole affair. Notice how the writer demeans Kutcher by calling him “the former Mr Demi Moore.” But that’s okay at The Guardian — as Kutcher is not a woman it’s okay to mock him for not being as big a star as his ex spouse.


Freedom Of Speech Takes Another Hit

Freedom Of Speech Takes Another Hit published on

“LOL. Fuck Muamba he’s dead !!!” These are, in the U.K at least, a good enough reason to send a young man to jail for almost two months. Such were the words twitted by thick headed young Welshman Liam Stacey upon hearing that black soccer player Fabrice Muamba had supposedly carked it on the field. Stacey then responded to criticism from other posters with these charming tweets in which his detractors are slagged off left, right, and centre, and in which negroes and “wogs” (apparently English racists apply the latter term to blacks, Indians and even southern Europeans, so precisely who was being insulted is debatable) are disparaged. But these comments, though offensive, don’t exactly put him in the league of a Klansman — far as I can tell, he wasn’t exactly calling for the extermination of the black race or even for the killing of Muamba himself, so what’s with the Draconian sentence? No violence was done, no violence was incited, yet the Judge claims he had no choice but to impose a custodial sentence of 56 days. Is the judge really that stupid? Probably, or he wouldn’t have been made a judge.

Where my porcine bullshit detector starts smelling an ulterior motive is in the pollies who create these restrictive laws. One day they are jailing some young idiot for a few racist remarks, the next they are jailing citizens for saying it’s time for a revolution, or that the government is evil and must be taken down. After all, exactly what are the government doing for blacks in the UK anyway? Probably less than they are doing for the whites, that’s what, yet when some fool opens his mouth they suddenly turn into the Black Panther Party? Unlikely. What is more likely is that such harsh punishment over a minor offense is yet another step towards the kind of society that crushes any form of dissent, and if the powers that be must play the paladin in order to later play the tyrant that’s just fine with them.

Nor will they be alone in their efforts to silence those they disagree with. Perhaps the most worrying part of all this is that Stacey was actually reported to the police by the other posters. Again, keep in mind that he didn’t threaten any violence, he just said something unpopular and next thing you know his fellow citizens have sent the police round to his place. I guess Orwell was wrong, it isn’t Big Brother watching, it’s a bunch of idiots with Twitter accounts, which in some ways is worse because it allows the government to claim that they are not the ones going after the target — it’s the British public’s will and the coppers are merely the instruments of justice.


More here.




Armed Thug Shot Dead by Dutiful Citizen

Armed Thug Shot Dead by Dutiful Citizen published on

Or at least that’s how the filth in Sanford, Florida see it, or they would have charged Trayvon Martin’s killer with some thing, any thing.

17 year old Trayvon went for a walk to buy his kid brother some Skittles. On the way back George Zimmerman, a white guy with a history of violence, calls 911 and says the boy is behaving suspiciously — which I take it is some sort of racist code for “Holy shit, there’s a nigger in my neighborhood!” — and they had better send some bully boys round. The 911 operator told Zimmerman to stay put, but of course no self-respecting white man can have a black boy wandering around — no doubt planning on raping the women and selling crack to small children — so our white knight puts on his sheet, grabs his gun, gets into the car and follows the Big Bad. A confrontation ensues, the less worthy of the two ends up in the morgue, and the white guy — remember, he’s the one on the right side of the barrel, the one who wasn’t screaming for help — claims self-defense and the cops buy the story. No charges, no investigation, just a “You seem like an honest (read white) sort, we’ll take your word for it and we apologize for wasting your time. Please feel free to send us a bill for the cost of the bullets.”

And who knows, maybe the black guy charged the white guy with a knife, maybe he had a rocket launcher hidden in the packet of Skittles, but the thing is we don’t know because the filth haven’t bothered to find out. If both parties had been white there would almost certainly have been an investigation, and if the races had been reversed you can bet your house on the cops taking a microscope to the whole matter. As it is, the FBI has now heeded calls to look into the most suspect black death since Oscar Grant got tasered with a handgun, thanks in part to petitions like this one at Color of Change. You don’t need to be an American to sign it, so if you have some sort of vague objection to black males being shot left, right, and center for god knows what reason, check it out — though the goal has already been achieved, it can’t hurt to add to the numbers.

There is also a Facebook page here.

Article on the shooting here

Article on Zimmerman here, and don’t let his relative swarthiness fool you, even if he is part Hispanic (with a name like Zimmerman it is unlikely to be a big part) what matters is that the cops perceived and described him as white. And hey, who knows, maybe if he is Latino the racists in the police departiment will finally go after him — kill two birds with one shot so to speak.

Racist, Sexist Tirade at MichaelMoore.Com

Racist, Sexist Tirade at MichaelMoore.Com published on

Not written by the terror in the baseball cap, but no doubt the kind of self-loathing crap the Oscar winning, male-bashing walrus would agree with.

Apparently there have been some minor riots over the firing of Penn State Coach Joe Paterno in connection with a sex abuse scandal. I have no opinion on that issue, what concerns me is the way some half-witted dork by the name of Mike Elk has used these events as an excuse to beat up on the only targets available to left wing bigots such as himself – namely men and whites.

In the enigmatically titled “Penn State Riots About White Men Not Liking to Be Held Accountable” this cringing excuse for a man puts forward the idea that the riots are not the doing of football mad kids, but rather some sort of race riot carried out by that most vile of animals, the white American male. The disingenuous mountebank seems to offer as evidence for said vileness the fact that most of the rioters are white males, nicely avoiding the fact that in a mostly white university it would be unreasonable to expect whites to be a minority of the rioters, and that the majority of sports-mad meatheads are males and hence expecting large numbers of women to riot over football is like expecting large numbers of men to riot over the end of “Oprah”.

If this had happened at a mostly black university would this racist twat be claiming black men don’t like being held accountable? If this was a bunch of girls beating the tar out of someone on YouTube would he blame their sex? Probably not, but this kind of bigotry is exactly what I expect from the real left ( as opposed to the Obama / Bubba Clinton pseudo – left.) Unlike the Right, we inhabit a political space where the haters amongst us are forbidden traditional targets like blacks and gays, so of course assholes like Elk and his host Michael Moore focus instead on the only whipping boys they are allowed – men and whites.

Bigoted blitherings here, video of the riots below. Warning – this video contains white males, so get your barf bags ready.