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In New Delhi Sport Matters, People Don’t.

In New Delhi Sport Matters, People Don’t. published on

In the Commonwealth, which is to say the countries which at one time were part of a certain empire on which the sun never set, we have the habit of every four years wasting a massive amount of money on a thing called The Commonwealth Games – think Olympics with all the big threats like the U.S and China eliminated and you’ll have the right picture.

Not surprisingly the event is held in one of the participating countries, and this year the task fell to the poor bastards in the Indian capital of New Delhi.

This in itself is offensive, in that the ruling elite of such a poor country is being allowed to waste on a mere entertainment money which could instead be put into helping the people starving in its over crowded streets.

But to make matters worse, the authorities have decided to lie to the rest of the world by hiding the city’s poor.

Not only are the fetid shanties in which Delhi’s poor are forced to live being hidden from view by brightly colored facades, but beggars – 70% of which are male and 30 % of which are younger than 18 years of age – are being rounded up, packed into trucks, driven outside the city and told to not come back until the games are over!

The authorities deny this of course, but places that usually teem with hundreds of beggars are now seeing only a handful. And to buy the authorities’ take on the situation one would have to believe that Delhi’s poor are so stupid as to decide that rather than stay at home and cash in on the influx of middle class Indians and well-heeled foreigners, it is instead time to take a holiday in the provinces!

Some of these people have been put into shelters, but according to activists Delhi simply does not have enough shelters to house more than a fraction of the city’s poor. On top of this, several slums have been demolished in the lead up to the games, which means that even if the poor are allowed to return once the middle class and the rich have had their fun, they will be facing even worse conditions than before.

India is not a welfare state in which these people can go out and collect a government benefit that affords them a packet of noodles and a leaky tenement. For these people, you beg or you don’t eat.  But that’s just how it is, isn’t it? In India as elsewhere, the rich get to party down while the poor get to starve to death in a cardboard box.

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Oprah Winfrey Is a Greedy Cow

Oprah Winfrey Is a Greedy Cow published on

And I’m not just talking about the way she hoards the cheesecake and baked ham at the Christmas party either.

At the urging of filthy rich philanthropists Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, dozens of America’s biggest moneybags have pledged to give away at least 50 % of their fortunes to worthy causes.

Since most of the seriously rich are men it comes as no surprise that there are so few women on the list, what does come as a surprise is the absence of supposed do-gooder Oprah Winfrey!

Apart from Gates and Buffett, other well known billionaires taking part include Michael Bloomberg, George Lucas, Ted Turner (who I’m glad to say has recovered from his disappointment at not being cast as the Mad Hatter in the recent Alice in Wonderland movie) and Barron Hilton, who it would seem is a far better person than his notorious granddaughter.

Yet despite having to a great extent built her fortune  on her image as someone who cares about humanity and helping others, no Oprah. Clearly what Winfrey does with her ill-gotten gains is her own business, but if she isn’t willing to put her money where her mouth is she should drop all pretense to moral superiority and stop telling everybody how bloody wonderful she is!

Winfrey was a prominent guest at the billionaire’s dinner at which the initiative was launched in May of 2009. Here we are more than a year later and she still hasn’t signed on to the list, so it is starting to look as if  America’s richest manatee isn’t about to give up any more of her moolah than is necessary for PR purposes.

List of apparently decent rich people (did I mention Oprah isn’t on it?) here

Man jailed for thinking of cheeseburgers

Man jailed for thinking of cheeseburgers published on

Homeless man Michael McLaughlin was arrested and thrown into jail for, wait for it –holding up a piece of cardboard on which had been scrawled the grossly offensive sentence  “I’m Thinking Of A Cheeseburger”. What a bastard!

Apparently such behavior is considered a form of begging and is therefore against the law, especially for homeless people with built-in hot dogs. According to the article, the law states that one has to a “force oneself upon the company of another” for this to be illegal, yet all this guy seems to have been doing is standing by the road holding up a sign  so it could be argued that strictly speaking he wasn’t violating the law.

And even if he had been, what the hell kind of asshole makes begging illegal? Not only is it inhumane, but it probably increases the chances that the homeless will commit crimes just in order to eat, but hey that’s even better – you can give them longer sentences for theft than for mere begging!

As it is, the  enforcers settled for unlawful solicitation and demanded a $500 bond, which it  is safe to say McLaughlin can’t afford to pay or he wouldn’t be begging for cheeseburgers!

Found it as I often do, at the Weekly Vice

Go Home, Ya Mug!

Go Home, Ya Mug! published on

Are you the kind of twit who likes to work for free? Probably not, at least you don’t like to do so, but if you are an Australian worker there’s a 50% chance that you are doing exactly that.

According to progressive think tank The Australia Institute, about half of Australia’s workforce is giving their bosses more work hours than they are paid for. For a full time worker, most of whom of course sport wangs, this averages out to 70 minutes of free labor every day, and more than six weeks of extra gravy for the boss every year!

Obviously the occasional bit of unpaid overtime is no problem, it’s when a business actually relies on the unpaid hours as part of  a covert business plan that it becomes exploitative of those who work, while denying new jobs to those still seeking employment. To combat this egregious exploitation the Institute has declared November the 25th to be “Go Home On Time Day”, a day on which you can tell the greedy bastards to get stuffed and go home at 5pm like you’re supposed to, not at 6 or 7 because he/she is too money-grubbing to hire extra help.

According to the Institute’s Josh Fear, the Australian worker’s unpaid overtime adds up to a “subsidy” of $72 Billion per year, gratis, from you to the guy with the Porsche, the trophy wife and the house in Vaucluse, or Toorak, or wherever it is rich bastards live in QLD…

It’s time to put an end to this bizarre Alice in Wonderland situation! If you must insist on working more than the traditional 40 hours a week, then at least make sure you’re not giving it away for free. Just remember, there’s nothing wrong with a little hard work, but if you’re doing it for free, you’re a mug.

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