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The Associated Press is the source of its own problem

The Associated Press is the source of its own problem published on

It’s a little thing, but it serves of a fine example of just how fucked up everything is.

As i often do, i checked out the Associated Press website to get the supposedly un-biased view of the news. One of the first things i ran into was a piece on Jan 6 that described the Proud Boys (a group i have no great liking for) as White Nationalists!

Of course, as most of you probably know, their leader is a Black guy! And they are constantly trying to get out of jail a member who is White but who has a Black wife and a bunch of Brown children! Very strange White Nationalism these guys are practicing! So the AP’s claims about the group are at best ignorance and at worst a lie. Either way, it doesn’t do much to make me take the AP seriously. Then i bump into this other story lamenting that folks no longer trust the media to tell them the truth!

Gee, i wonder why people no longer trust the MSM to tell them the truth? Could it be because the MSM is grossly biased, ignorant of the facts, or both? Hey, AP, here’s some useful advice for ya — if you don’t want your bed to stink, don’t keep shitting in it!