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Things I Learnt From Will Smith’s Attack On Chris Rock

Things I Learnt From Will Smith’s Attack On Chris Rock published on

— Will Smith does not care about the image of black men. If his behaviour is used
to make them all look like thugs it don’t matter to him — he’s rich, bitch!

— White racists will use any excuse to post a picture of two monkeys fighting.

— Will Smith is little more than his wife’s attack dog — at the after party she was
seen patting him on the head and going “Good boy. Gooood boy.”

— Will Smith is a megalomaniac who thinks he is a river to a desert full
of black people dying of thirst.

— Black America’s violence problem stems to a great extent from the
fact that they think black men hitting black men is perfectly okay, at
least if the reaction from blacks like Ayanna Pressley (and many others)
is anything to go by.

— The scum who populate the movie industry like to applaud thugs
who have just committed assault. Which is kinda okay as while
they are doing that they are too busy to rape starlets or molest little boys.

— You can fuck Will Smith’s wife, but you can’t mention she’s bald.