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Whites Are UNDER-REPRESENTED In Mass Shootings

Whites Are UNDER-REPRESENTED In Mass Shootings published on

How about that? I must admit i had fallen for the idea that this was pretty much the only crime where Whites were OVER-represented but it seems we white devils commit only about 54% of these things despite making up 61% (excludes White Latinos) to 77% (includes White Latinos) of the American population.

Sure, Whites are still the majority but what would you expect in a mostly White country? If anything, the question to be asked is not the popular one of “why Whitey killin’ so many folks?” but “why is Blacky killing so many folks?” Not only are black people slightly over-represented in the mass-shooting figures, but they are WAY over-represented in the murder figures overall. As i recall, they commit about 50% of the murders despite being only about 15% of the population. Someone has a problem when it comes to taking human life, and it ain’t the White man or the Yellow man.

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