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Afro Lives Matter, Y’All!

Afro Lives Matter, Y’All! published on

Now there’s a bill to stop — get this — “race-based hair discrimination”!
THAT’S what matters to these pseudo-Leftists. Not the ruined economy, the thousands of bankrupt small businesses, the unemployed millions, the homeless masses, or the imminent plutocratic takeover of America. No, what matters is being able to grow Afros so big that they get stuck in the door every time you try to enter a room! #AfroLivesMatter! Am i right?

It is amazing how far pseudo-socialists like this clown — this Pressley woman is part of the Squad, the class traitors who voted to put Pelosi back in as Speaker — go to distract us from class issues and establishment evils. She even claims black girls are being kept out of school because of their hair! Bloody hell, some people will believe any fucking thing as long as it’s coming from a Woman Of Color!