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Why the Trump Twitter Ban is a Bad Thing For Liberals

Why the Trump Twitter Ban is a Bad Thing For Liberals published on


I mean real liberals, of course, not SJW scum who use Identity Politics to distract from class politics. You know, the kind of liberal that used to go on about higher wages, more welfare, and less wars. Like me and all those people in the old movies.


But because today’s liberals, even the well-meaning ones, have shit for brains, most are celebrating Trump being “permanently suspended” from Twitter as if it’s some sort of wonderful event that will usher in a new age of peace and contentment where everyone gets a magical pet pony that sings like Pavarotti, vomits rubies, and poops diamonds. It ain’t gonna happen! What IS going to happen is a gradual silencing of ALL voices that go against the increasingly nefarious plans of our Plutocratic overlords. How many times do these post-modernist, pseudo-liberal retards think Jack Dorsey is going to let people like AOC, Bernie, or any other really liberal politician or celebrity go on about how Jack’s taxes should be raised so Main St can be bailed out after the decimation wrought by the Chinese Virus? What happens when they start pointing out that the Great Reset is being staged by Walmart, British Petroleum, and the biggest weapons manufacturers in the world? I suspect Twitter will find excuses to either remove certain tweets or to just permanently ban those people. It’s a given, but today’s liberals don’t see it as they genuinely believe these tech billionaires are somehow different to the other greedy pieces of shit that manage to accrue billions of dollars because, you know, they are such nice guys.

And the same is true – in fact, truer – for the actual Left. You know, the socialists and communists. In fact, they will be kicked out first since they already place a lot of emphasis on class issues that Jack and his filthy kind would like to see forgotten. Jacobin magazine will go, so will the Democratic Socialists of America and so on. Naomi Klein starts whining about the Great Reset or the coming war, and she’ll get the same.  And by the way, all this is also true for Facebook, which is at least as plutocratic as Twitter. In fact, THEY are part of the Great Reset, while Twitter just seems to be supportive of it…

So that’s it, boys and girls, that’s why the few rational liberals still left think this is such a dark day for the lower classes, for democracy, for freedom, and for any chance we might have of creating a better world. But we are a very small group, and have no power at all, so we are really just screaming into the wind. But hey, some days you either have to scream, or you have to explode!