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“I Can Drive, Niggas!”

“I Can Drive, Niggas!” published on

Believe it or not, that innocent phrase cost a teenage girl her place at the University Of Tennessee, where Whitey apparently has to walk on egg shells.

Some years ago, when she was FIFTEEN, Mimi Groves made a three second video wherein she said the horrible and unforgivable thing, then some blackish psycho called Jimmy Galligan got a hold of it and held onto it till she got into Uni — and then published it in order to get her kicked out! And get this – he published it as a response to her support for BLACK LIVES MATTER! Wow, talk about virtue signalling gone horribly wrong! LOL! But that’s what it’s like now. Whitey can kiss Blacky’s ass all day long and it STILL isn’t enough. If you are White, you are always in the black radical’s crosshairs.

And, needless to say, the scum running the Uni told Mimi’s parents to make her jump lest they push. So now she’s in a community college, and the kinda-black psychopath is in an actual university. That’s “racial justice” for you!

Article here. It’s the Daily Mail so of course they mix up the kids’ names, but the NYTimes piece is paywalled.

This is the twitter of the University of Tennessee