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Jill Biden Is Literally A Retard

Jill Biden Is Literally A Retard published on

At least Joe waited till he was almost 80 before letting his brain turn to mush! His wife has no such excuse as she was only in her fifties when she wrote a desecration…er…i mean a dissertation… that somehow got her a doctorate in edumuhcation from the University of Delaware — despite the fact that it’s full of badly written, and even illogical, claptrap. It’s like an Alice In Wonderland version of a dissertation, written by a Down Syndrome person on a bad LSD trip!

Here we go, down the rabbit hole that is Jill Biden’s mind…

“The needs of the student population are often undeserved, resulting in a student drop-out rate of almost one third.”

You hear that, kiddies? Your needs are undeserved, you undeserving bastards. Other typos follow…

”When asked to read out loud, many refuse or stumble over work pronunciation.”

“He makes taking the test and option for students wishing…”

Jill’s not too good at capitalization, either. And this one can’t be blamed on bad typing, it’s just plain stupidity…

“Could I ask, How did you increase your numbers?”

“He Sporadically visited The Writing Center.”

But just in case we feel inclined to forgive what may simply be bad typing skills and occasional ignorance, the good doctor very quickly lets us know that, yep, she’s a genuine dumb-ass…

” Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of the class will be African American; one seat will hold a Latino; and the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens.”

That’s right, folks! “Doctor” Biden lives in an alternate reality where something can consist of MORE than four quarters!

She also has a strange – and exhausting – idea of how long a study week should be…

”Many faculty offer good, workable suggestions that the administration may want to consider in future planning: a reading specialist, an eight week study week…”

She’s also rather lacking when it comes wording things. I’m sure there’s a technical term for “wording things,” but i don’t know it and i suspect that neither does she…

“Students need to feel that Delaware Tech exists and revolves around them…”

I have to agree with that one – it would, no doubt, be distressing to be studying at a school that does not actually exist.

“This lack of how to study and organize hinders…”

Well, I’M no doctor, but i think that the educated way of saying that would be more like “This lack of study and organizational skills hinders…”

Now, WHY would anyone one assessing this crap at the University of Delaware decide that she deserves a “doctorate”? Because she didn’t get the thing decades ago when she was a young nobody, she got it AFTER she married a famous politician. A politician who himself went to… the University of Delaware! That’s why a bunch of liars signed off on this thing, declaring that “it meets the academic and professional standards required by the University as a dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Education.” LOL! I’ll bet they are all registered Democrats, as well! The fact is, Jill Biden is an idiot, a clown, a retard, and a dunderhead who makes her husband look like Stephen Hawking with a hair-sniffing fetish. Biden simply doesn’t deserve her doctorate. In fact, you might say she undeserves it. Heh, heh…

Full document here. Oh, and all the quotes above are from just the first half! I am told that there are also some hilarious math mistakes in there, but since i’ve always sucked at math i’m not qualified to comment on those. But hey, at least I know how many quarters there are in a whole!