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So, it looks like Joe the Cabbage has gotten into the White House

So, it looks like Joe the Cabbage has gotten into the White House published on

Unless Trump’s team finds evidence of cheating, it’s Biden for a few months, then Harris for three and a half years. Post-modern liberals, being retards, think this is a good thing. Us old-fashioned liberals – you know, the ACTUAL liberals — know it’s bad news all around.

Contrary to what right wing nutjobs would like you to think, there is no socialist agenda on the menu. What we will get will be a return to the bad old normal. It’s been almost twenty years since Lockheed, Boeing, and other arms manufacturers got a bonanza like Iraq II, so they are champing at the bit to kill some more of them there Ay-rabs for profit. Both Trump and Obama had the decency to say “no, fuck you” to those urging war for no good reason, but they are exceptions in their respective parties. Biden will say “yes,” and so will both the senate and the house. God knows i am no fan of Muslims and i do wish they would stop invading the West, but that doesn’t mean i want the little brown bastards blown sky high either! But then, I’M an old fashioned sort — today’s “liberals” and “leftists” will quite likely support a new slaughter as long as they are told it’s about the women in Iran or the trannies in Syria or some such fashionable crap.

I also see a return of the US to the TPP in the tea leaves, which will be bad news for everyone except the corporations who want more cheap crap and more opportunities to sue countries for not letting them make as much money as they like. As for the tax cuts Trump handed the plutocrats, i’m pretty sure most of those will stay. After all, both parties serve the plutocracy above all so it’s unlikely the Dems will tell their bosses to get fucked. At best they will reduce the tax cuts by a little and then find some way of more than making it up to their puppet masters by giving them some other benefit like subsidies or government contracts – and that’s where another war comes in.

The other thing that makes this such an unpleasant development is that the fall of American right wing populism makes the rise of American left wing populism much less likely. Don’t ask me why, as this is not a rational thing, but i have become pretty convinced that in a country that leans as far right as the US the only way they will ever be psychologically able to accept another FDR is if they get a stepping stone like Trump in between. With the stepping stone gone, our future social democrat hero is going to fall right into a raging river full of polluted water and he’ll probably end up in intensive care wondering why the fuck he ever bothered!

So, i think this is bad news for everyone except the billionaires, but there are some positives. The first is that the younger plutocrats controlling the Democrats are more likely to do something about the environment, since unlike their dads they’ll still be here when the shit hits the fan. The second is that Biden will be so much easier to make fun of than Trump. While Trump usually just plays the idiot, Biden actually IS an idiot! Lots of cartoons to be mined from that decrepit brain, i suspect. Another positive is that this may deal a death blow to the evil that is Identity Politics. Apparently, Trump’s vote actually INCREASED amongst blacks, browns, and gays. If that doesn’t show that not even its supposed beneficiaries are buying the IdPol bullshit, i don’t know what does. Between that and the righteous hatred that most of the electorate already has for IdPol, we may finally see that filthy, undead thing staked right through its black heart.

As for whether or not Biden won this fairly, i don’t think he did. When the media is THIS biased, there is no way such a narrow win is legitimate. A huge landslide would at least have left room for the possibility that even without the media bias Biden would have scraped through, but this wasn’t a landslide, it was more like sand trickling through an egg timer. This election was undoubtedly stolen, but it looks as if it was stolen in a thoroughly legal way so there’s nothing that can be done except to hinder the bastards in every way possible – should be easy enough with a cabbage in the Oval Office and at least one half of the congress controlled by Republicans.

And Trump? He’s going to be okay. Anyone who can put up with the abuse he’s been copping for the last four years without going insane or blowing his brains out is certainly going to be able to cope with an unjust election loss. And he has his family, the admiration of almost half the electorate, and the unconditional love of millions of die-hard worshippers, and he’ll spend the next few years sniping at the Dems every chance he gets, so i think the Big Orange Guy will be okay. And so will his supporters. Right wingers aren’t anywhere near as snowflakey as today’s so-called liberals. For every conservative who will spend the next four years screaming, there are ten SJWs who spent the last four years doing the same thing. I guess it’s a cultural thing, and also a class thing. The middle class that dominates “liberal” politics these days have never had any real hardship in their lives, so an election loss looks like the end of the world. To the lower classes that populate the red states, this is bad but it’s nowhere near as bad as having lost their manufacturing job and not being able to afford the diabetes medication that will stop the doctors from amputating Aunt Mabel’s foot! Notice also that they aren’t rioting in the streets. I guess they aren’t just stronger, they’re more civilized as well. What a strange world it has become. But for those few who are having trouble coping, why not go to dinner at a friend’s house? Just remember, there are a few dos and don’ts you have to watch out for…