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2020 — The Year That Took A Crap On Everyone

2020 — The Year That Took A Crap On Everyone published on

It all started when a Chinaman went atchoo.
Soon the entire world had caught the sweet and sour flu!
Downhill the situation went at a frightening speed,
mostly because Xi-nnie the Pooh kept the Chinese virus well heed!

Now the economy is in decline and the future is quite screwed.
I have other ways to put it, but they are all way too rude.
Everyone and everything, we are all afraid to touch,
and the authorities won’t let us go out much!

Then a man waving a counterfeit note
found a rabid piggy kneeling on his throat!
Soon half the country was authentically on fire,
as BLM unleashed an orgy of idiocy, chaos and ire.

When Antifa discovered guns things got quite gory.
But according to the media, everything is hunky dory.
Left and right — mostly right– folks are dying like flies,
all due to various plutocratic liberal media lies.

And now it seems the USA is going to be run
by a man for whom sniffing children is lots of fun!
His brain is gone and he doesn’t know what he’s doing,
so pretty soon his election we will all be ruing!

By December the world will be barely ambulatory.
There’s only one conclusion to be reached and it ain’t a pretty story
— the world died in 2019 and now we are all in purgatory!