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Hat-maker Shot Dead By Turkey Farmer

Hat-maker Shot Dead By Turkey Farmer published on

That should be a comedy headline, but it’s for real. What a world it has become. This latest shooting between the right wing loons and the left wing loons? That’s what went down. A guy that raises turkeys killed a guy that used to make hats. Prole kills prole, in other words. These guys shouldn’t have been trying to kill one another over allegiance to political groups that don’t give a shit about them. They should have been teaming up to fuck up the Plutocrats… or at least making hats and raising turkeys. Instead the hat-maker is pushing up the daisies and the turkey farmer is wondering how he ended up farming himself. Sad.

But that’s what the Plutocrats want. Every bullet we waste on each other is one less bullet we spend on them. Maybe some day folks will realize that the real divide isn’t between Left and Right but between the Plutocrats and the rest of us, but Piggy isn’t holding his breath…

Turkey guy here

Hat guy here