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Cuties Ain’t So Cute

Cuties Ain’t So Cute published on

Now that the Netflix atrocity “Cuties” has splashed onto the internet like a turd hitting the toilet water, i feel like it’s my responsibility as a rational adult to say that this is wrong, wrong, wrong — so wrong it’s possibly the wrongest thing ever.

I wasn’t planning on writing about this, but i find myself surprisingly disturbed by it – and i watched the McNutt suicide video with all the emotion of a coroner carrying out an autopsy. But this, this is repulsive on a completely different level that i, frankly, can’t explain. Maybe it’s just some sort of innate revulsion at people too young to breed being portrayed as sex objects. Not many cats trying to hump kittens, you know. It just ain’t part of the natural order.

I haven’t seen the entire thing, nor do i plan to, but i did watch the clip in which the little girls do an erotic dance routine that is beyond the pale for a bunch of 11 and 12 year olds. Barely-there outfits, floor-humping, crotch shots, and for a few seconds we actually see the girls down on the floor pretending to get…er…bleeped from behind!


Hey, look, it’s a still from Roman Polanski’s favorite new movie!

Either that or humping the floor, but it looks more like the former to me. At least that’s what’s happening when i see women doing that in porn movies. Yes… i watch porn starring women instead of children, but i guess i’m just not as hip as the guys at Netflix. Let me be blunt — there is absolutely no reason to make this filthy movie other than to normalize the sexualization of children and therefore of pedophilia.

Excuses will be made about how the movie is actually against the very thing it is doing, but that’s bullshit. Any points the movie does make against the sexualization of children could have been made, well, WITHOUT SEXUALIZING CHILDREN! Taking the scene mentioned above, the point could have been made just as well with some very mild twerking being shown on-screen, then reaction shots of the horrified on-screen audience as the girls move on to more provocative crap that is not shown to the OFF-screen audience. It’s called a cutaway, and is common even in transgressive genres like horror. If i know that, so does the asshole who directed the thing.

And that leaves me with only one conclusion – the movie’s main purpose is to normalize the sexualization of children while pretending to condemn it. It’s not an accident, it’s a deliberate tactic. This is part of a vile movement to make child molestation acceptable, like those turds trying to re-brand pedos as MAPS — minor-attracted persons — in order to make them seem harmless. The people behind this movie know that the sexualized depiction of children makes such a thing less shocking and, in time, less unacceptable. They know that this will lead to people thinking less unfavourably of pedophiles, and that will lead to less convictions, and shorter sentences and, in time, a full normalization of child sexual abuse. That is almost certainly the goal, of that i have no doubt. I don’t say it often, but this movie needs to be banned — or at the very least heavily censored.

On the positive side, the revulsion has been almost universal. The liberal elites are trying to portray it as some sort of conservative backlash, but that’s just more pedos making excuses. Look at the ratio the trailer has on YouTube. There is NO WAY you get these kind of numbers without a huge number of ordinary liberals throwing up…