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The Popular American Sport “Beating Up Whitey” Now Has An Australian League!

The Popular American Sport “Beating Up Whitey” Now Has An Australian League! published on

Long a largely unacknowledged problem in the United States of Antifa, black-on-white violence seems to be becoming rather popular in our once pleasant land. Funny, though, how it hardly ever seems to be Aboriginals ganging up on white folks, ain’t it? It’s always some pack of savages from that continent where they incinerate gays and hack albinos to pieces. Yes, multiculturalism is really paying dividends, ain’t it folks? And unlike the Muslims, THESE people didn’t even bring any tasty vittles with them! Mmmm, falafel drowning in houmous, THAT i can handle. African swill, not so much.

So we get shit like this. Some white girl ( the second vilest thing on the planet, behind only the white man ) spoke to some boy that a member of a girl gang fancies, so the gang of eight beat the crap out of the 15 year old interloper. Broken ribs are a verified fact, a broken cheekbone is merely suspected. And where is the MSM outrage? Pretty much nowhere. Now, if this was some crazy old white woman yelling “Go back to yer own country, ya smelly niggers, and take yer weird hair with ya!” it would be all over the TV and the old woman would be tarred, feathered, and thrown to the lions at the zoo…

I see that the Gofundme set up for the victim of this possible hate crime has hit 26 thousand dollary doos, a lot more than the 5000 dollar target. That’s good. Now she can hire a really great makeup artist to make her look black — let’s face it, it’s the only way to be safe in Melbourne these days!

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