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Emma Watson Launches Initiative To Get Emma Watson Some Attention

Emma Watson Launches Initiative To Get Emma Watson Some Attention published on

She’s done this before, of course, with that misbegotten It’sAllAboutWomen thing. You remember that one — the one with the speech in which Watson, despite years as something akin to an actress, shook and stammered so much that we thought she would fall off the podium.

Well, this head on a stick apparently feels she’s been out of the headlines for too long, so she’s back with more feminist cowpats to fling at the few people who still care what this young has-been has to say.

This time, the attention-getting device is that feminist favorite — sexual assault in Universities. Really, feminists are so obsessed with sexual violence that i sometimes think that at least half of them must have subscriptions to the kind of adult website they like to complain about…

Anyway, at the 71st United Nations General Assembly in New York City, the once-famous midget and Ill Will Ambassador whined that not enough rapes are happening in her neck of the woods, and that this is leading her to spend too much money on you-know-what. “Why couldn’t the rape figures have been that wonderfully high when i was still in university?!?!?” she complained bitterly.

She also added that “The safety of women… is a right and not a privilege. As opposed to the safety of men and boys, which is all just a big joke. ”

More worrying is that 10 universities around the world, including the once-respectable University of Oxford, have promised to go full-retard SJW and start doing everything possible to lock up as many young men as possible. Cambridge, for example, is considering making the uttering of the word “fish” a sexual offense punishable by 6 months in the stocks or five minutes in a gender studies class, depending on how bad a mood the administration is in that day.

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