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Is Souad Faress A False Rape Accuser?

Is Souad Faress A False Rape Accuser? published on

Back in December of 2014, Mark Pearson was walking through Waterloo Station when he passed the profoundly unattractive sixty-something Souad Faress, who was on her way to a rehearsal after having taken a class on how to lie about being raped. According to Faress, Pearson, ignoring all the hot young crumpet on offer, shoved three fingers up her vagina and kept them there for 2-3 seconds. Weird thing to do, and not only criminal but also in very bad taste. The problem is, there were no witnesses, no forensic evidence, and the security cameras showed there was absolutely no way he could have done what she says he done!

The cameras take a photo every second, and show that the guy spent less than one second near her! Not only that, but he appears to be holding a newspaper in one hand and has the other hand on the strap of his bag! So, to have committed the crime, he would have had to put away the paper, gotten past the rancid old ferret’s pants, kept his fingers inside her vagina for 2-3 seconds, then grabbed the newspaper and run off – all in less than one second! Unless this guy is The Flash, there’s no way that happened.

But wait, it’s possible that some other dude assaulted Faress because, as we all know, women never lie about this kind of thing. Problem is, there’s no mention of any camera footage showing that being done by anyone else, either! On top of that, Faress claims she yelled when the attack happened and that people all around her froze to see what was going on. But again, those pesky cameras show no such thing happening, they just show her looking back at the guy. And why was she looking back? Because, according to her, he had not only sexually assaulted her but also bumped her shoulder! Could this be what it all comes down to? Is Souad Faress such an evil woman that she decided to frame the guy for rape for the unforgivable crime of having bumped into her sacred female person? It wouldn’t surprise me, especially given that during the police interview she seemed more concerned with the shoulder incident than the so-called rape…

As is usually the case with such dirtbags, Souad Faress’s name has been kept out of the newspapers in order to encourage other women to make false allegations against innocent men. This is why there is a question mark after the title of this post – said mark does not refer to the supposed assault, which is clearly bullshit, but to the identity of the perpetrator of the false accusation. The one source naming Faress is an anonymous web post cited by Paul Elam in one of his videos. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time someone got things wrong while doxxing a dirtbag, but Faress does fit the description of the perpetrator of this crime and she hasn’t issued a denial. So, far as this little piggy is concerned, it looks as if Souad Faress is – probably – a lying piece of scum and should be locked up for her crime. That is highly unlikely to happen, given that Faress is not only a woman but also a minor celebrity in the UK. She has, apparently, been doing some long running radio show called The Archers, has appeared in one-off roles in many TV shows, and has a small role in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Put femaleness and celebrity together, and a person can get away with just about anything – just ask confessed child molester Lena Dunham, or confessed man-rapist Amy Schumer, or confessed man-basher Rhonda Rousey…

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