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Gloria Steinem Thinks Men Who Don’t Back Hillary Are Big Babies

Gloria Steinem Thinks Men Who Don’t Back Hillary Are Big Babies published on


Steinem, the least intellectually capable of all famous feminist leaders, has declared that men who don’t support her man-hating, Neo-con, pseudo-liberal buddy Hillary Clinton are, basically, children. In an interview with some other cackling harpy, Steinem offers this bit of so-called wisdom…
“… guys in the media, who are perfectly serious people, saying things like, about Hillary Clinton, I cross my legs whenever I see her, she reminds me of my first wife standing outside alimony court. Looking at a powerful woman made them feel they had been regressed to childhood, because the last time they saw a really powerful woman, they were eight. So they behaved like eight.”

In other words, this is just a roundabout way of saying that if you don’t support Hillary Clinton, you are just another crybaby man-child. Doesn’t take a genius to see through that. But beyond the lame shaming tactic, what really caught my attention is that when men say HC reminds them of their ex-wife, Steinem, in all her intellectual glory, decides this means that HC reminds them of their mothers! Apparently, in Steinem’s world, mother and wife are the same thing. Which makes me very, very glad that she never had any children – especially male ones…

For a brief moment, when I read the headline in the linked article, I thought she was going to say that female authority is to a great extent based on some men’s fear of female authority figures who, on some level, remind them of abusive mothers. But that would have been too honest – and too intelligent – an observation to expect from the feminist movement’s lightest lightweight.

She does get one thing right – a female presidency would, indeed, be hell! For men, for the poor, and almost certainly for the Arab world.

Gloria Steinem being retarded here.