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Mel Gibson Demands Affirmative Action For Hollywood’s Christians

Mel Gibson Demands Affirmative Action For Hollywood’s Christians published on

Former Australian and current Christian loony tune Mel Gibson has issued a demand that Hollywood introduce quotas for Christian film makers. Gibson, who is the founder and head of the “Organization to End Jewish Nastiness” had this to say at a press conference held outside the Beverly Hills pub above which he currently resides …

“For over a hundred years, the Jews have held an hegemonical power over the film industry. Some would say this is because they were the ones who got into the place and built it into what it is today, but the truth is much more sinister. For decades, the Hollywood chapter of the Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy has discriminated against Christians by denying them career opportunities, and even most of the few who manage to squeeze through the cracks are soon driven out by the grotesque initiation rituals required by their Hebrew Overlords.”

When asked by our reporter what those initiation rituals were, Mr. Gibson replied…

“You have to drink the blood of a beheaded Christian infant while watching a nun getting raped by a goat. Or by James Deen, if a goat is not available.”

And how does Mr. Gibson propose this problem be fixed?

“There should be a sort of stamp put on the movie poster right next to the age classification. This symbol should be cross — you know, the kind that Our Lord, the One and Only Savior and Messiah died on. This symbol should be awarded only to movies written by Christians and directed by Christians, with Jew involvement kept to things like accounting and catering. Also, too many chinks in the laundry business! Someone has to do something about that, as well!”

Is this for real? Are we about to see a world where the Christians get handed positions of power simply for being able to work on Saturday and staying away from matzah balls? No, of course not! Not even Mel Gibson is that batshit crazy – but bitches like Holly Tarquini are!
Yeah, I don’t know who the fuck she is either, which probably explains why she wants affirmative action for obscure wiminz like herself…