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Famous Baboon Under Attack After Claiming Famous Cow Is Shrill

Famous Baboon Under Attack After Claiming Famous Cow Is Shrill published on

The baboon, who is best known to world audiences as the star of the TV series “Life In The Monkey House,’ recently gave an interview in which he described the increasingly shrill Hillary Clinton as “shrill.” This led to some paranoid woman (you know the kind, the sort who wears a rape whistle everywhere she goes) telling him that “women” (by which she means herself and her feminist friends, many of whom are no doubt very shrill) find the use of the word to be “sexist.” To this the baboon, usually the kind of monkey who does not kowtow to PC pressure, responded that there are men he also finds shrill. Way to go, Donald Trump, you big pussy! The appropriate response would have been, “Yeah, I called her shrill! So what? I’ve got lots of male-specific insults up my expensive sleeve, but they aren’t the kind of words I can say on TV!”

Trump later offered to kiss the whiny journalist’s ass and walk across some burning coals, all as penance for his dreadful sin. Just goes to show how out of control the worship of women is in the West – even a famously un-PC man will wimp out when accused of not treating women with the reverence due to such sacred creatures.

Baboon meets feminist here. Which has the lower IQ is anyone’s guess.