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Teenage Dirtbags Get A Few Weeks For Rape and Manslaughter

Teenage Dirtbags Get A Few Weeks For Rape and Manslaughter published on

And they weren’t even charged with the latter. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with California’s courts? Juries letting murderous cops go free, judges handing out wrist-slaps for little thugs who drive other kids to suicide. It’s almost like the state is being run by psychopathic turds.

In September of 2012, three boys digitally raped 15-year-old Audrie Pott – there is no doubt of this as they have confessed to the crime – after she passed out from alcohol-laced Gatorade. Because this wasn’t enough fun for them, they then circulated photos of the assault, and soon young Audrie was dead by her own hand, hanging from the ceiling of her mother’s bathroom. It’s disgusting enough that her killers weren’t charged with at least manslaughter but now, despite admitting to the sexual assault, they have been given a max of 6  weeks in jail! That’s the longest of the sentences, the other two scumbags get 30 days each, and they only have to go to jail on the weekends! Hell, why even bother? Why not just make them promise not to do it again, give them some milk and cookies, pat them on the head and send them home to mommy? If the system does not have the decency to charge and convict them over Audrie’s death, it should at least have had enough sense to throw them into jail for as long as possible over the sexual assault. I don’t know what the max available for juvies is in this case, but at least a few years should have been handed down. I personally would have preferred 20-30 years plus a knee-capping, but you can’t have everything…

No doubt feminists will see this as yet another example of the so-called war against women, rape culture, yada, yada, but sensible people will see it as yet another sign of an increasingly psychopathic and uncaring Amerika. And here’s the thing – at least some of Audrie’s blood is on feminist hands. Who is the driving force behind the idea that rape is the worst, most devastating thing that can happen to a woman and that if it does happen she will never be happy again, that she is ruined for life? That’s right, it’s the feminists. Perhaps if girls weren’t mind-raped this way, they would cope better when physical rape does happen. Perhaps, indeed! Definitely is more like it. But what matters to feminists is creating as much anti-male hysteria as possible, and you can’t do that as effectively by labeling rape as merely bad rather than as the end of the world. And if occasionally this attitude contributes to the end of a girl’s life, it’s all good – she died for the sisterhood.

As for all these assaults happening at parties, I have to ask what the fuck ever happened to the idea of chaperones? Does this shit happen when there are three or four adults in the room? Probably, but not as often as when it’s just a bunch of drunken teens. Not everything about the fifties was bad, and adults supervising kids’ parties is one aspect of the old America that needs to be brought back.


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