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Help Wanted – Psycho Girlies like Krista Leighanne Milburn need not apply

Help Wanted – Psycho Girlies like Krista Leighanne Milburn need not apply published on 3 Comments on Help Wanted – Psycho Girlies like Krista Leighanne Milburn need not apply

Yesterday my Reddit account was banned, and it seems the Reddit admins’ excuse for the ban was that I linked to an AVFM article that mentioned the real name (Krista Leighanne Milburn) of a vile piece of scum who calls herself The Femi-theist. This supposed doxxing is obviously an excuse. Why? Because the woman’s name has been known for about a year – it ain’t doxxing to tell you something already known – and because the admins’ concern over this so-called doxxing is so great that a full day later the offending post is still there! Apparently the “doxxing” is bad enough to warrant a ban, but not bad enough to warrant a deletion. In other words, it’s an excuse to get rid of an MRA account.

Anyway, I have set up a new account as ThePigmanAgain ( why they bother with bans I don’t know, given how easy it is to get back in) and this whole episode has gotten my focus back on Little Ms “Kill ‘Em All.”

When I ran across the piece at AVFM I was still recovering from the flu so it didn’t quite register that this is a case where the accused is clearly guilty, and not wanting to vilify an innocent woman i didn’t mention the matter. Now that my head is no longer clogged with mucus, there is no doubt in my mind that Krista Leighanne Milburn is indeed the vile animal passing herself off as The Divine Femi-theist. The stupid cow not only makes YouTube videos in which we get to see her face and hear her imitation of Mini Mouse…

…but the Southern Fried piece of shit was stupid enough to get herself arrested – and mugshotted


Yep, that’s her, looking pretty much the same in each pic, right down to the “My brain is on holiday” look on her stupid face. The only way I could be more certain that this is the same girl is if she had a big tattoo on her forehead reading “Danger : Low Intellect”

So, it turns out that our promoter of worldwide gendercide is starting to regret making her hatred of males so public. Apparently the poor dear has lost her job and is looking for a new one. Having realized that female privilege isn’t quite powerful enough to make all prospective employers overlook the fact that she wants to kill their dads, brothers, sons, and probably their guinea pig as well ( as long as it’s a male guinea pig, of course, ) poor little Krista is going around trying to remove as much of her info from the internet as she can.

The reason for my making this post is simple — there should be a penalty for saying vile things on the internet, and letting this woman hide behind her “nom de mal” is morally wrong. The world should know that if they are dealing with this person they are dealing with someone who, at the least, has such an enormous amount of contempt for men that she is willing to repeatedly claim she wants most of us dead and who, at worst, actually does want most of us dead. Either way, it’s just not right to hire such a person, and if your customers find out you are paying her wages with their money you deserve to lose their custom. Do you run a McDonald’s? Do you really want this girl serving burgers to your customers? Who knows, the male ones may end up getting a little more than fries with their Big Macs, like a free serving of arsenic — special sauce, indeed. And hey, maybe Krista Leighanne Milburn is one of those chicks who is all talk, maybe unlike Valerie Solanas she isn’t about to shoot anyone in the chest – but do you really want to be the business owner who finds out? Do you really want the lawsuits? Do you really want a bunch of pissed-off men picketing your business because you have hired the feminist equivalent of a Klansman? Do you?


Hey, did you notice she’s reading a script ? She is so concentrated in her forced smile that she doesn’t pay attention to what she’s saying. She doesn’t blink or alter her expression when she comes to the genocide part of her speech. Maybe she’s doing drugs.