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Adria Richards Must Bite The Dust

Adria Richards Must Bite The Dust published on

By now the world already knows that a piece of feminist turd called Adria Richards has gotten some computer geek fired after tweeting a picture of him and his mate and publicly shaming him for the horrible, horrible crime of making some tacky, supposedly humorous comments about the size of his dongle –  or his mate’s dongle, some one’s dongle.

This crime against all womanhood took place at some computer type convention – you know, one of those places where men are the majority not because they are more interested in tech but because the patriarchy is keeping the wiminz down – which was being attended by Little Ms Minitrue. She overheard the juvenile banter, took feminist offense and after seeing the photo of a little girl who is interested in coding thought, in a manner so lacking in logic that it may well explain why female techies are so thin on the ground, that…

“That little girl will never become a coder because these guys are telling dongle jokes! I must show my strong-woman mettle and complain on twitter!”

Now, I care not what the actual jokes were, the fact is that one does not do the name-and-shame thing when there has been no offense committed, so simply in posting the guys’ pic and complaining to the convention’s runners she was wrong. Factor in the fact that – unless she got her job at SendGrid through double barreled affirmative action – she is smart enough to know we live in an hysterical climate that can easily lead to men being fired for even the smallest of sexual “sins,” yet she went ahead and put this man’s career on the line. And now that she has gotten him fired she’s acting like she’s some sort of hero,  like she’s MLK back in the 60s marching through the Deep South! A hero does the right thing, and they do it at personal risk. This hyena not only did wrong rather than right but she took no risk in doing so –  she is a cowardly little shit, not Power Girl or Buffy The Nerd Slayer.

As it turns out, it’s not the first time this craven cow has pissed people off. It seems she has in the past made offensive comments which have led someone to set up a petition at Change.Org calling for her firing from some rinky-dink outfit called SendGrid. My manager has signed it, and if you are incensed about this outrageous act of bastardry on the part of  yet another feminist bigot who thinks nothing of harming men with her Thought Police tactics, you should too. If Richards pays for her assholery, the next femofascist that gets the idea that this kind of thing is okay may very well think, “Wait, do I really want to end up roasting on a spit like that watsername?” That, folks, is why revenge and punishment reduce the incidence of things that shouldn’t happen – they deter a few of the would-be perpetrators.


Petition here.

Her twitter is here. If you want to tell her what you think of her use a fake account, those twitter bastards suspend accounts for even the slightest infringement.