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Blind Old Man in UK Taser Terror!

Blind Old Man in UK Taser Terror! published on

Colin Farmer made the mistake of going out for a walk while carrying a samurai sword. Oh, wait, it was actually a white cane! But some cop apparently can’t tell the difference, so he zapped the blind 61-year-old with 50,000 volts! Farmer seems to have survived without permanent injury, but at such an age and with a couple of strokes in the background his can be considered a lucky escape…

Even if the cop really did mistake the cane for a sword – which would suggest that he himself is in need of a white cane – what’s with tasering someone in the back? He couldn’t get in front of the guy and ask him to stop? Call me crazy, but this seems like yet another case of a “thug” — as Farmer himself puts it — who works for the Stormtroopers of the Plutocracy getting away with the kind of behavior that would otherwise earn him a stay at Her Majesty’s Hotel.

Apparently the matter is being investigated, but given that the cop hasn’t been suspended and that the UK is a country where the Stormtroopers can put several bullets in a commuter’s head and get off scot-free, I don’t fancy Farmer’s chances of getting any justice. as for the cop, it seems obvious that for his own safety he shouldn’t be allowed to work in the field. After all, what happens if someone charges at him with a samurai sword? Daft bastard will think “No problem, it’s just a white cane,” and get his noggin chopped off!

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