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Wanna be a gang rapist and get away with it?

Wanna be a gang rapist and get away with it? published on

Move to France! That way, you can rape teenage girls dozens of times and get a suspended sentence! Ten years ago in some godforsaken housing estate in the Paris suburb of Fontenay-sous-Bois two girls were repeatedly raped by packs of up to 50 scumbags. Now things have finally gone to trial and the four men found guilty of raping one of the girls have been severely, and I mean severely, slapped on the wrist…

No doubt French feminists will be whining that the majority of the accused were acquitted and that the court should simply have taken the victim at her word, but not being keen on supporting one injustice while condemning another I can only say “Get stuffed,” or whatever the French equivalent is.

It’s the grotesquely light sentences that are the problem.

The harshest sentences were one year in prison a piece for two of the turds. The third got six months, and a fourth got a suspended sentence! How the fuck do you get convicted of taking part in numerous and violent gang rapes and walk away with such light sentences? Well, I can’t say for certain, but a look around the internet shows that the victims are both white, that one of the convicted men is a black man called Mahamadou Doucouré, and that – if the bits of skin poking out from under the clothing they are using to cover their faces are anything to go by – the other perps are Arab or African. So while the feminists will no doubt be shouting misogyny – whatever that means these days – I can see the specter of political correctness hovering over this entire disgusting spectacle. The same cannot be said for The Guardian, which carries a story making no mention of race. The NYTImes at least mentions the name Mahamadou Doucouré, but that is as far as it goes. Had the victims been Arabs and the rapists lily-white ( or as close to that as a Frenchman can get ) you can bet that the term hate crime would be getting thrown all over the place.

EDIT; 27 November 2012. I can’t believe i didn’t mention class when this first happened. I think it safe to say that if the victims had been from the rich suburbs of Paris, the convicted men would have copped much more severe sentences. As it is, the victims of this type of hate crime always seem to be from the lower classes, so most of those in power don’t really care.