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Racist, Sexist Tirade at MichaelMoore.Com

Racist, Sexist Tirade at MichaelMoore.Com published on

Not written by the terror in the baseball cap, but no doubt the kind of self-loathing crap the Oscar winning, male-bashing walrus would agree with.

Apparently there have been some minor riots over the firing of Penn State Coach Joe Paterno in connection with a sex abuse scandal. I have no opinion on that issue, what concerns me is the way some half-witted dork by the name of Mike Elk has used these events as an excuse to beat up on the only targets available to left wing bigots such as himself – namely men and whites.

In the enigmatically titled “Penn State Riots About White Men Not Liking to Be Held Accountable” this cringing excuse for a man puts forward the idea that the riots are not the doing of football mad kids, but rather some sort of race riot carried out by that most vile of animals, the white American male. The disingenuous mountebank seems to offer as evidence for said vileness the fact that most of the rioters are white males, nicely avoiding the fact that in a mostly white university it would be unreasonable to expect whites to be a minority of the rioters, and that the majority of sports-mad meatheads are males and hence expecting large numbers of women to riot over football is like expecting large numbers of men to riot over the end of “Oprah”.

If this had happened at a mostly black university would this racist twat be claiming black men don’t like being held accountable? If this was a bunch of girls beating the tar out of someone on YouTube would he blame their sex? Probably not, but this kind of bigotry is exactly what I expect from the real left ( as opposed to the Obama / Bubba Clinton pseudo – left.) Unlike the Right, we inhabit a political space where the haters amongst us are forbidden traditional targets like blacks and gays, so of course assholes like Elk and his host Michael Moore focus instead on the only whipping boys they are allowed – men and whites.

Bigoted blitherings here, video of the riots below. Warning – this video contains white males, so get your barf bags ready.