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Hey, at least it’s not Greece!

Hey, at least it’s not Greece! published on

The United States has surprised absolutely nobody by coming in 27th place in a study of how decently 31 OECD countries treat the common man.

The world’s richest, most powerful empire is trounced by everyone except disaster zones such as Greece and third world taco stands such as Chile and Mexico.

The City on the Hill does especially badly in poverty prevention, health, and education, and while Wall St bankers and other white collar criminals stuff their faces with caviar and camembert, fully a fifth of its children are living in poverty.

On the apparently positive side, Amerika ranks slightly better in terms of “ social cohesion and non-discrimination,” but I suspect all that means is you are less likely to get called a nigger, but more likely to be treated like one on the basis of class rather than race.

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