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Crotch – Grabbing Pisshead Faces a Decade in Jail

Crotch – Grabbing Pisshead Faces a Decade in Jail published on

South African executive Katherine Goldberg downed a pint of whiskey, then got frisky.

Seems the inebriated jackass decided to make a subtle pass at a male member of the cabin crew by making a literal grab for his genitals, presumably because she was too lazy to take  her vibrator out of the overhead compartment. What gets me about this is not so much the fact that yet another area of obnoxiousness is being invaded by what used to be mysteriously referred to as The Gentle Sex, but rather the ludicrous fact that in the U.K groping someone can land you in jail for ten years! Regardless of the culprit’s sex, how the fuck does any rational person justify ten years in a jail cell for such a minor sin? Maybe a fine, or some mandatory counseling, but any more for such a minor assault seems to me sadistic, and one of those things meant to keep everyone scared shitless while giving the government an excuse to lock up as many people as possible.

And a whole pint of hard liquor? That’s like, half a liter, two metric cups, sixteen onces! I’m surprised the stupid cow didn’t throw up on him as well! At least I hope she didn’t – in the UK that would probably get her another five years in Her Majesty’s Hotel.

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