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“Holy Scheisse, Mein Merc ist on Fire!”

“Holy Scheisse, Mein Merc ist on Fire!” published on 1 Comment on “Holy Scheisse, Mein Merc ist on Fire!”

In Germany they have actual radicals instead of poor, lame-brained youths who rebel by destroying the lives of other victims of the system, so they don’t loot the local electronics shop, they set fire to Mercs!

In the last two days, over two dozen Mercs and Audis have been torched, making a total of 138 for the year, by what the article describes as “far left extremists.” Funny, I don’t see the bastards that caused the GFC referred to as extremists, nor do I see the neo-conservatives described that way…

These dreadful people, who apparently only carry out their attacks late at night when the cars are empty and there are no innocent bystanders to be accidentally incinerated, are apparently motivated by such ludicrous and trivial concerns as globalization ( corporatist code for “Let’s get everyone to work for peanuts.”) and rising rents, because the unreasonable bastards think everyone should be able to afford a domicile slightly fancier than a cardboard box.

Note the way the article tries to win reader sympathy by pointing out fear not in the doctors and lawyers that own such luxury vehicles, but in two old age pensioners – cos we all know how many pensioners are driving around in Mercs. One of the pensioners ironically tells us that he won’t be leaving the hood, because to do so would be “giving in to the radicals”. You’ve already given in to radicals, granddad, who do you think is running your country?

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