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Bachmann Flees Fairy

Bachmann Flees Fairy published on 1 Comment on Bachmann Flees Fairy

Michele Bachmann – the fundamentalist, homophobic, sausage-sucking meathead who wants to park her keister in the Oval Office – doesn’t seem to have much mettle, something which makes one wonder if she won’t hit the dreaded red button at the first sign of indigestion.

Feeling unprotected after leaving her tinfoil hat at home, Little Ms Bonkers freaked out when a young gay man heckled her for being a bigoted cow…

“I’m a second class citizen because of you, Michele! Second class citizen! What about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every American, Michele?”

At which point the courageous gal and her retinue made a beeline for the exit doors, shoving aside spectators and making what I can only presume was a rather slow getaway in a golf cart! Their destination remains unknown, but if the light is anything to go by it’s probably lunch time at Arkham Asylum…

Still, her reaction could have been worse. She could have run away on foot, arms waving wildly in the air,  screaming “Save me, oh Great Easter Bunny in the Sky! I’m being heckled by a homo from hell!”

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