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A Closer Look at the Scuzz from “The Talk”

A Closer Look at the Scuzz from “The Talk” published on

When women laugh their heads off at some poor guy having his penis hacked off, one immediately thinks, “What kind of women are these, and do they have any sons?” So I took a look at that old Wiki there, and here are some raw stats on these man-hating GynoBeasts…

Sara Gilbert was the closest thing to a decent human being on that panel, so I’ll be leaving her alone. I will just mention that she is a lesbian with one adopted son, and she is the creator of the show so if anyone has the power to do something about this it’s Gilbert – though I won’t be holding my breath. Gilbert is also a vegan, which makes her a rarity amongst lesbians.

First and foremost amongst these dirtbags we have Sharon Osbourne, a creature who needs no introduction. Osbourne has two sons, one biological and one adopted. One might wonder how she would explain her hateful behavior to the boys, but being raised by such a woman they probably won’t even bother to ask why their sex is treated as a walking punchline. As for poor old Ozzy’s ball and chain, I can only hope that her cancer comes back and that this time the Devil doesn’t do her any favors…

Leah Marie Remini has no sons, just a male dog that she married back in ’03. She is a scientologist though, so whenever she does something reprehensible she can always plead some sort of mental impairment.

Holly Robinson Peete has three sons. That’s three dicks just waiting to be hacked off by some psycho woman, at which point mommy can call her mates over and they can all have a good laugh at the bleeding stump.

And last but not least we have Julie Chen. Chen’s ass won’t be hit by the door anytime soon as she is married to Les Moonves, the big cheese at CBS. Since marrying Les, Chen has been stepmother to two boys and last year gave birth to her own baby boy, for whom she apparently cares little otherwise she would not be such a misandrist cow. Now here is the killing joke – Chen stole her husband from his previous wife, so I must ask her if stealing another woman’s husband means Chen “deserves” to have her cunt hacked out? If the answer is yes, just give me a call Julie – I’ll be round with a chainsaw quicker than you can say “man-hating, home-wrecking scumbag.”