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Catherine Kieu Becker is a Castrating Scumbag

Catherine Kieu Becker is a Castrating Scumbag published on

Not happy with cutting off her husband’s penis Catherine Kieu Becker then threw it in the garbage disposal, presumably so it couldn’t be reattached.

The little turd then told the authorities that he “deserved it,” perhaps because he was divorcing her,  though once she lawyers up we can no doubt expect a laundry list of imaginary offenses with which to vilify the victim and minimize the crime.

If American men had any self respect left they would lynch the cow, but as we all know by now most of them probably agree that he “deserved it,” and will be having a good laugh instead. And that brings me to the question of what should be the penalty for cutting off a man’s penis.

Perhaps the penalty for such a crime should be death, at least in the US where the idea of the death penalty for rape has at times been proposed. After all, you can get over a rape, but you can’t get over having your penis cut off and minced. We must also consider the hate crime aspect of this particular type of offense. What Becker did was not merely an attack on her husband but also on you, on me, your sons, your brothers. It was in short a collective “fuck you” to the male sex, just as some racists dragging a black man behind a truck till his head tears off is a collective “fuck you” to all black people.

No doubt there are those who will argue that there must be some psychiatric or psychological explanation for this GynoBeast’s actions, that something is wrong with the poor dear. And of course they are right, there is something wrong with her – she’s a scumbag.

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