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The Ten Worst Jobs in America

The Ten Worst Jobs in America published on 1 Comment on The Ten Worst Jobs in America

Quick, guess what they all have in common! That’s right, they are all dominated by men. Every single bloody one!

The very worst job in the United States  is roustabout, which is apparently the name for those poor bastards who do maintenance work on oil rigs…

“As the key providers of maintenance for oil rigs and pipelines, Roustabouts routinely perform backbreaking labor at all hours of the day and night in conditions that can range from arctic winters to desert summers to ocean storms”

Sounds great! Obviously much easier and safer than being a checkout chick!

Other American men who have it way too easy are lumberjacks ( who contrary to the Monty Python song are apparently not okay,) ironworkers, roofers and welders.

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