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Another Black Male Headed For the Big House

Another Black Male Headed For the Big House published on


Michigan man Leon Walker, the  third husband of Clara Walker, was concerned that Clara was stepping out on him with her abusive second husband, so he got into her email account in order to confirm his suspicions….

Upon learning that he was indeed being deceived, he turned the evidence of the affair over to the wife’s first husband, i.e the father of  Clara’s young son, a child who had on at least one occasion been treated to the sight of his step daddy beating the crap out of mommy. As a result of the affair, the boy is now in the custody of his father – that’s the first husband, the non-abusive one. Confusing I know but don’t blame me, Clara’s the one who gets around.

So now the Oakland County Prosecutor, a cowpat of a woman called Jessica R. Cooper, wants to lock Leon Walker up for five years on a charge of “felony computer misuse”! Now, does Cooper truly believe that this man is a threat to society, or does this have something to do with the contents of his pants? Would she have charged a woman in this situation? I think not, and I’ll tell you why – because in Michigan adultery is still illegal, yet Cooper has not charged the wife with said crime!

If I ever run into Jessica Cooper, I plan to make some felony misuse of a baseball bat, but as it is I will just send her a nasty email at

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