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Haschka off Hook

Haschka off Hook published on

Good news for once. In what may be a sign of Australian juries taking a more understanding approach towards men who kill abusive wives, millionaire builder (yeah, that’s right, he builds millionaires ) Frank Haschka has been allowed to go free after a second jury failed to reach a verdict in his murder trial.

Haschka’s case has now been “no billed”, which means there won’t be third trial over what Haschka claimed was a killing in self defense after his wife attacked him with a knife. Not only did Frank claim his wife had been abusive towards him for years but so did his son, who testified that his mother had thrown knives at his father and that her behavior caused him, ie the son, to leave home.

It’s the son’s testimony that clinched it for me. If not for that it could have been just another abuse excuse, but as it stands it looks as if Mrs Haschka had it coming, so good riddance to bad rubbish.

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