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Big Fuss Over Local Bitch!

Big Fuss Over Local Bitch! published on

Sarbi the black Labrador, an Australian Special Forces doggy, went missing in Afghanistan more than a year ago during a furious firefight, and after what was no doubt an Annus Horribilis , she was found in Uruzgan by an American soldier, who promptly turned the lucky bitch over to the Aussies.

Sarbi went missing late last year after the convoy she was in became involved in a fierce firefight with the Taliban. Several attempts were made to find the missing pooch, none of them successful till a US soldier by the name of John bumped into her, tried some commands which no ordinary mutt would have been able to obey, and realized this was the missing Australian doggy he had heard about.

Sarbi will be brought back to Australia after some quarantine to make sure she hasn’t contracted any terrorist tendencies – let’s hope the story has as happy an ending for John and the other guys over there as it’s had for Sarbi.

Funny PS.

My Word spellchecker (the same one that doesn’t recognize misandrist as a real word) offers as the correct spelling of “bitchh”, and “bittch”, not the rather obvious “bitch”, but rather words such as “batch”, “birch” and “pitch” because as everyone knows, “birch” is a far more common word than “bitch”…. How’s that for an example of the insidious stealth of political correctness?

Apart from that, this story has nothing to do with men’s rights, but hey I like doggies so sue me.

Original report here.