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Otep Leaves The Kitchen In A Huff!

Otep Leaves The Kitchen In A Huff! published on 2 Comments on Otep Leaves The Kitchen In A Huff!

As regular readers will know, i am a big fan of the old heavy metal, and have had some nasty things to say about Otep Shamaya and her shameful song about the Menz.  Recently our blonde battery hoarder became irate at  some metal dude at who posted this at The Gauntlet and reacted by spitting the dummy, grabbing her dolly, and storming home to mummy!

Now, i would never have picked Otep as the kind of wimp who would do this and i’ve said so at The Gauntlet where i also took some swipes at her response to this bloke. This is no biggie boys, just me having some fun by baiting an angry bull-dyke, the kind of thing i (er, i mean my manager Michael Claymore) used to do at with the feminists and the right wing extremists.

So here is my comment…

“What a pussy. I knew she was a psycho but it didn’t occur to me that she was also the kind of wimp who ran as soon as a dude stood up to her (too much time spent in the company of the “men” in her band i suppose). She’s pretty tough when she’s writing about wiping out all the menz, but not so tough when she has to tackle one, even with several miles of cable between her and her antagonist.

Here are some  observations on what she wrote in her response to the response…

“I want to begin this by noting that I have absolutely no idea who you are.”
This probably means “I am someone and you are nobody, and i am hoping this gives me an edge with both you and the readers.”

“the scrawling flatulence you scribed”
The first of what will no doubt be many references to the baser bodily functions.

“To the meat …”
If there is one thing i never thought i would see this woman write it’s “To the meat”.

“Your staggering lack of insight into my denouncements of President Obama and his administration is stunningly transparent.”
Notice here that insight (Websters -1 : the power or act of seeing into a situation : penetration, 2 : the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively) is not the proper word to use, but insight just makes her sound so much more impressive than “ignorance” would.

Here we see more of her  childish obsession with waste references…

“colostomy bags better known as Republicans.”

This  seems not only emotionally stunted but also ironic given that she has just called Bush a “Brat King”

“The invincible ignorance you have displayed here is pathetic and humorous at best.”
Unlike the deep wisdom contained in “Menocide“.

“You seem to revel in silly, pedantic, abusive efforts that sporadically sprinkle about in only substantiating your absolute failure of thinking.”
What does this even mean? It makes no sense once you get past “efforts”. And to think this woman is considered a poet.  Affirmative action anyone?

“I mean, ye gods man, do some fucking research! Or maybe you just enjoy the smell of your own inadequacy and secretly hope someone like me will rub your nose in it?”
There it is again, the obsession with excrement. Otep is  what, 25? Far too old for this kind of thing – most mentally healthy people give up the obsession  with scat references some time during junior high.

“Or, maybe you just enjoy being a flaccid shit-filled reactionary?”
Theres the scat again.  This kind of thing is about as mature as calling him a “Doody Pants”.

“I don’t know. I don’t understand nonsensical bullshit nor do I speak the language of fools.”

And the Pope doesn’t speak German.

“And as for your odd, meandering rantings about my music, well, I truly do not care. Why should I? I don’t know you. I’ve never heard of you.You know much more about MY work than I know about whatever it is that you do.”
Theres the “Im Somebody, you’re Nobody ” again. Funny how hierarchical she is for a feminist. Here i was thinking that was the kind of thing only we “prostate gods” indulged in! Otep’s  political convictions seem to leave her whenever convenient. I am reminded of Jane Fonda’s ads for skin care products – if men tell women to look good it’s bad, if Fonda tells 68 year old women to look good it’s cool. I suspect that if Otep ever sells out and  goes mainstream she will  release a celebrity fragrance just like Brit Brit and Paris Hilton have.

“I do, however, want to thank you for helping spread the word on my new album. Publicity is publicity, am I right? Indeed.”
That’s what Brit Brit thought when she shaved her head, and now everyone thinks she has bats in her belfry.

“Smash The Control Machine is in stores now, and I am very proud of it.”
She should be, from what i’ve seen on you-tube it’s almost as good as “Ascension”, which if these “Im your better” statements are anything to go by should have been called “Condescension”.

“Feel free to contact your friends at The Gauntlet (again) and vomit forth another ineffective,masturbatory entry”
There’s the juvenile obsession with icky stuff again, and now, in the best junior high style, jerking off is tossed in for good measure . Also, if the dude is so ineffective why is she so inflamed?

” but I am much too busy to slip & slide with you. So, don’t expect a reply.”
This probably means “Im scared of you, please leave me alone or i will cry.”

“I’ve slummed enough with this one.”
What a mean little girl!

Face it, honey,  you could check into a trailer park for microcephallic psychopaths and still not be slumming.

Thank you for reading my swinish oinkings, and don’t waste your money on her album – just record it off MTV.”

Well, that was fun to write. Incidentally , in a few days Otep will be joined in the shameful ranks of Misandrist Of The Month by a certain Englishwoman. Wish she was as much fun to insult as Otep, but unfortunately these upper class broads don’t swear much.


yeah, i agree she’s has way too much to learn. actual feminists are very few and she is not that im aware of that and there are many faux feminists that just hate, blame all men. she is politically stupid. i had the lulz of stealing her own discography for free from torrents despite her protesting, i have talked to her couple times challenging her to use her real brain to help others but nope she displays the brain of a bratty pop tart like avril and it is so funny. she’s fun to fuck with because she’s into being a celebrity, big ego, self centered, insecure. she has no sense of humor about herself. i could go on, but, don’t take a narc. to heart, just laugh. im a young women and i think she’s a total butthurt lolcow.