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Domestic Violence Psycho Katherine Knight

Domestic Violence Psycho Katherine Knight published on

Here’s a nice example of the kind of thing that women supposedly don’t do. The next time some idiot claims domestic violence committed by females is not only rare but of a mild nature, remember the name Katherine Knight.

Back in 2000, Katherine Knight, an Australian woman with a history of violence towards her partners, stabbed her de-facto husband John Price 37 times, skinned and decapitated the corpse, then baked his buttocks and made stew out of his head.

Knight  then sat the flayed and decapitated corpse at the dinner table, and set two places for  Price’s children, each with plates containing their father’s baked flesh. Knight may also have attempted to eat some of Price’s flesh, but apparently that was too much even for her and the “steak” ended up on the lawn instead.

God only knows why an apparently decent man like John price got himself mixed up with such an animal, but it sure as hell wasn’t that they had much in common, Price generally being seen as a really nice bloke who was liked even by his ex-wife!

Knight was sentenced to life in prison without parole,  the first Australian woman to receive such a sentence  – though it’s hard to believe that it took this long for  an Australian woman to do something bad enough to be deserving of such punishment.

Court document here.

Wikipedia entry here

Yeehar, it’s a good ol’ fashioned lynchin’!

Yeehar, it’s a good ol’ fashioned lynchin’! published on 3 Comments on Yeehar, it’s a good ol’ fashioned lynchin’!

Here’s how the filth have fun in Houston, Texas.

A ‘well tanned’ 15 year old boy named Chad Holley made the mistake of committing a burglary, so the cops took him down. Sounds good so far, problem is that even once the boy was down the filth decided to put the boot in – again and again and again.

Apparently no stranger to police procedure, as soon as Chad hits the ground he flips onto his belly and puts his hands behind his head. The cops somehow assume this is threatening behavior so they proceed to kick the crap out of him!

The offending officers were later aided and abetted by the Mayor ( gay white female), the DA (white female ) and the Chief of Filth (black male), all of  whom claimed that the video was too graphic to be shown and might upset the sensibilities of all those delicate Texans!

Would these clowns have taken the same attitude towards a video of some black thugs beating the crap out of a white cop? Pig’s arse, they would!

Still, it could have been worse for Chad – the cops could have remembered to bring a rope…

More here, including a petition being sent to Attorney General Eric Holder. Just for the record my manager signed it and added this bit …

“I guess locking up black males by the truckload isn’t enough, you have to beat them senseless as well. Remember, these days the whole world really is watching.

Michael Claymore

Sydney, Australia”