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Things I Have Learnt From Porn Sites

Things I Have Learnt From Porn Sites published on

So, to make life more bearable during Sydney’s never-ending lockdown, piggy has been hanging around free porn streaming sites to see what’s going on. So far i have learnt quite a few interesting things, which i will now proceed to share in no particular order and for no particular reason.

– Today’s young men have a shocking lack of respect for nuns.

– There is now something called clown porn. Yes folks, i bumped into a video of some hot young thing having a gangbang with a bunch of clowns — literal clowns, with red noses, green wigs, oversized…er…shoes, the whole thing. I guess when you live in Clown World, it’s just a matter of time before they get you.

– There are an unusual number of women getting stuck in windows out there. In windows, under beds, in various tricky bits of furniture, and even inside tumble dryers!

– There are not enough women having sex with cucumbers.

– Even though it may appear to be otherwise, nobody is having sex with the British Broadcasting Corporation.

– America’s stepmothers are a surprisingly generous lot.

– The acronym ATM has nothing at all to do with getting cash out of a machine in the wall. (Don’t Google it. Really, don’t.)

– Piper Perri is hollow.


For those who don’t already know that Left Wing does not = Woke

For those who don’t already know that Left Wing does not = Woke published on

A good primer for those who don’t realize what Wokeness, Identity Politics, and SJW-ness are really about. All i can add is that these guys are being too kind to the vile people behind these evil movements. These scumbags, especially their leaders, know EXACTLY what they are doing. They KNOW that they are distracting everyone from class issues by going on about identity, and from the evils of the Plutocracy by going on about the minor jerkiness of some of the peasants. Also, the reason the Tories do nothing about the whole IdPol thing is because they, like the Wokists, are part of the Establishment that benefits from the division it causes.