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I just cancelled my Twitter Premium

I just cancelled my Twitter Premium published on

I have been noticing over the last few months that i am getting a lot less views, and i suspect that this has something to do with my objection to Israel’s ongoing slaughter of Gazan children. Then this morning up comes a Tweet wherein Elon Muskrat calls the Dems anti-Semitic because many of them are not willing to kiss Netanyahu’s asshole. That’s one straw too many for this piggy’s back. Elon Musk has become a vile, genocide-supporting piece of shit. We should tattoo “i hate Blacks” on his forehead and send him back to South Africa. The only good thing i can say about this monstrosity is that he is proof that America needs to be more selective when it comes to who they allow to come over that border.

We are living in an era of unprecedented irrationality

We are living in an era of unprecedented irrationality published on

Don’t let all the high tech fool you, we are living in an era of unprecedented irrationality.

Think about it. Back in the Dark Ages they believed garbage that could not be proved but also could not be disproved, crap like witches, werewolves, demons and such. You can’t prove that your sheep got sick and died because your neighbour is a witch who has put a curse on them, but you can’t disprove it either. Maybe the sheep got sick because of bad luck, maybe they got sick because of a curse — there’s no way of proving one way or the other. These days, though, millions of people believe things that can be disproved. Take for example what i see as the spearhead of this descent into madness — the whole trans thing. You can’t prove that Ellen Page isn’t a witch, but you can prove that she isn’t a man — you just break into her gynecologist’s office and steal her records! And yet millions of people now believe she’s actually a man called Elliot Page! This is a level of irrationality that would have had even the low-IQued peasants of the Dark Ages going “dude, you need help!” Yet here we are, stuck in a clown world where even otherwise smart people buy the idea that woman = man, man = woman, and pretty soon that up = down.

This is where we are now, and since irrationality largely serves those who rule us, i don’t see this doing anything except getting worse.

The Pigman Cometh goeth less political

The Pigman Cometh goeth less political published on

The Pigman Cometh goeth less political


About ten years ago i decided that there was an 80 % chance that the class war is going to be lost — by us peasants, of course. In the last year or so i have come to the conclusion that the chances are now 98%. A neo-feudal plutocracy is where we are most likely headed. A far right or quasi-communist dictatorship seem unlikely, which is unfortunate as at least those tyrants have some sort of commitment to look after the people — compare the way China treats its people to the way the American Plutocracy treats Americans if you don’t believe me.

This means that i am no longer inclined to keep shooting at Panzers with my musket all day long, so i have decided that from now on a maximum of 50% of Pigman Cometh cartoons will be political. The other half will consist mostly of making fun of stupid people, life’s inconveniences, and New Jersey, the latter being, i am sure everyone will agree, a combination of the first two.

Opaqueness is the mother of conspiracy theories

Opaqueness is the mother of conspiracy theories published on

My thoughts on the completely unexpected, totally inexplicable attempt on Trump’s life.

I was waiting for more information before writing this, but since it is not forthcoming, it is clear that we will never be allowed to know what really happened with the Trump assassination attempt. This leads me to make a guess, and here it is.

First, the Establishment spends eight years telling everyone that Trump is evil incarnate, while hoping that someone will be stupid enough and crazy enough to do something about it. Then they make sure Trump gets a Secret Service detail that’s mostly Establishment stooges who will deliberately ignore threats to his life in the hopes that someone will blow his head off. Then, when the hoped-for assassination attempt happens, they scrub the would-be assassin’s social media, burn any diaries he may have, and erase his hard drives so that any evidence implicating the Establishment will disappear. They then shrug their shoulders and tell us that it’s all a great mystery and that we will never really know what happened. That looks like what’s happening right now. Trust me, if this guy’s motivations could be pinned on Trump himself or on some other populist figure, we would know by now. This, of course, tells us that the assassination attempt wasn’t the fault of Trump or some other populist figure.


And yes, i know this is just conjecture, but that’s all you can do when they refuse to put the evidence out there.

Someone finally tried to assassinate Trump

Someone finally tried to assassinate Trump published on

So the Establishment finally succeeded in provoking some nut into trying to assassinate Trump and now they are all going on about how violence is not acceptable. This is bullshit, of course. If you spend 7 years portraying the man as evil incarnate you are doing so precisely because you DO want someone to kill him, not because you want people to send him roses and teddy bears! Whatever the Dems and their media stooges say in public, we all know that in private they are all saying, “damn it, the bastard missed!”

Putting on my normie hat for a moment — it won’t stay on any longer than that — i now want Trump to win. That’s going to be the main outcome to this assassination attempt, more people will jump off the fence and go vote for Trump. Probably going to vote for the Republicans in the congress too. If this was a direct Establishment attempt — rather than an indirect one carried out by a nut responding to the Establishment’s vilification of the man — it has backfired very, very badly. Who the hell is out there thinking “Well, i was going to vote for Trump but now that they’ve tried to kill him i won’t”? Nobody. People thinking the reverse? Yep, thousands at least and millions at most.

And you gotta love Trump’s reaction to the would-be assassin’s bullet. A raised fist and what appears to be “fight! fight! fight!” You have to respect that — most politicians would just shit themselves. It’s straight out of a movie and i just realized which one — Rocky. That scene at the top of the stairs when he raises his fist? That’s what this had kicking around the back of my mind. Add to that Trump’s defiant words and this is like Rocky all over.  This was the moment Trump won millions of new supporters. Come on, who the hell do you want to run your country, an old man in diapers or an old man who responds to an assassination attempt by raising his fist and yelling “Fight! Fight! Fight!”? Sends shivers down Piggy’s spine, frankly. Here it is, folks, the birth of Trump’s new campaign slogan — “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

As for me, being cursed with too much reason, i am still not backing him as i no longer see him as the lesser of the two evils, mostly because his rabid support for the Gaza genocide suggests a support for American Empire First as opposed to America First. I’m not opposing him either, as his losing would send the message that this full-on persecution of non-Establishment figures works and would therefore guarantee similar treatment for any future non-Establishment types. But amongst the normies? My money is on a landslide victory. Unless the next assassination attempt is a successful one, trying to end Trump’s life will instead have guaranteed him a second term.