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How not to raise a child.

How not to raise a child. published on

Here we have a couple of worthless Texan maggots beating the crap out of their teenage daughter for some minor offense to do with the internet. The poor excuse for a man is a family court judge named William Adams of Aransas County (Texas), and even though this video is several years old he has not been charged and is apparently still serving as a judge. Oh yeah, he’s apparently a Republican, which comes as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to the way those dirtbags have behaved over the last few decades.

This degree of child abuse is not only wrong (well, duh) but is something I would personally like to see the law punish as severely as possible – busting the parents’ kneecaps then whipping them senseless with barbed wire seems fitting to me. And yes, that includes the mother, despite the uploader’s claims that she is a victim not a perpetrator. Funny, for someone who isn’t violent she does a good impression…And yes, I know the uploader claims to be the teen involved, but it wouldn’t be the first time an abused kid made excuses for their abuser, so I will need more than the girl’s word to exonerate mommy dearest.

There has been talk of YouTube removing the video, so you might want to download it and repost it somewhere else.