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Otep Leaves The Kitchen In A Huff!

Otep Leaves The Kitchen In A Huff! published on 2 Comments on Otep Leaves The Kitchen In A Huff!

As regular readers will know, i am a big fan of the old heavy metal, and have had some nasty things to say about Otep Shamaya and her shameful song about the Menz.  Recently our blonde battery hoarder became irate at  some metal dude at who posted this at The Gauntlet and reacted by spitting the dummy, grabbing her dolly, and storming home to mummy!

Now, i would never have picked Otep as the kind of wimp who would do this and i’ve said so at The Gauntlet where i also took some swipes at her response to this bloke. This is no biggie boys, just me having some fun by baiting an angry bull-dyke, the kind of thing i (er, i mean my manager Michael Claymore) used to do at with the feminists and the right wing extremists.

So here is my comment…

“What a pussy. I knew she was a psycho but it didn’t occur to me that she was also the kind of wimp who ran as soon as a dude stood up to her (too much time spent in the company of the “men” in her band i suppose). She’s pretty tough when she’s writing about wiping out all the menz, but not so tough when she has to tackle one, even with several miles of cable between her and her antagonist.

Here are some  observations on what she wrote in her response to the response…

“I want to begin this by noting that I have absolutely no idea who you are.”
This probably means “I am someone and you are nobody, and i am hoping this gives me an edge with both you and the readers.”

“the scrawling flatulence you scribed”
The first of what will no doubt be many references to the baser bodily functions.

“To the meat …”
If there is one thing i never thought i would see this woman write it’s “To the meat”.

“Your staggering lack of insight into my denouncements of President Obama and his administration is stunningly transparent.”
Notice here that insight (Websters -1 : the power or act of seeing into a situation : penetration, 2 : the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively) is not the proper word to use, but insight just makes her sound so much more impressive than “ignorance” would.

Here we see more of her  childish obsession with waste references…

“colostomy bags better known as Republicans.”

This  seems not only emotionally stunted but also ironic given that she has just called Bush a “Brat King”

“The invincible ignorance you have displayed here is pathetic and humorous at best.”
Unlike the deep wisdom contained in “Menocide“.

“You seem to revel in silly, pedantic, abusive efforts that sporadically sprinkle about in only substantiating your absolute failure of thinking.”
What does this even mean? It makes no sense once you get past “efforts”. And to think this woman is considered a poet.  Affirmative action anyone?

“I mean, ye gods man, do some fucking research! Or maybe you just enjoy the smell of your own inadequacy and secretly hope someone like me will rub your nose in it?”
There it is again, the obsession with excrement. Otep is  what, 25? Far too old for this kind of thing – most mentally healthy people give up the obsession  with scat references some time during junior high.

“Or, maybe you just enjoy being a flaccid shit-filled reactionary?”
Theres the scat again.  This kind of thing is about as mature as calling him a “Doody Pants”.

“I don’t know. I don’t understand nonsensical bullshit nor do I speak the language of fools.”

And the Pope doesn’t speak German.

“And as for your odd, meandering rantings about my music, well, I truly do not care. Why should I? I don’t know you. I’ve never heard of you.You know much more about MY work than I know about whatever it is that you do.”
Theres the “Im Somebody, you’re Nobody ” again. Funny how hierarchical she is for a feminist. Here i was thinking that was the kind of thing only we “prostate gods” indulged in! Otep’s  political convictions seem to leave her whenever convenient. I am reminded of Jane Fonda’s ads for skin care products – if men tell women to look good it’s bad, if Fonda tells 68 year old women to look good it’s cool. I suspect that if Otep ever sells out and  goes mainstream she will  release a celebrity fragrance just like Brit Brit and Paris Hilton have.

“I do, however, want to thank you for helping spread the word on my new album. Publicity is publicity, am I right? Indeed.”
That’s what Brit Brit thought when she shaved her head, and now everyone thinks she has bats in her belfry.

“Smash The Control Machine is in stores now, and I am very proud of it.”
She should be, from what i’ve seen on you-tube it’s almost as good as “Ascension”, which if these “Im your better” statements are anything to go by should have been called “Condescension”.

“Feel free to contact your friends at The Gauntlet (again) and vomit forth another ineffective,masturbatory entry”
There’s the juvenile obsession with icky stuff again, and now, in the best junior high style, jerking off is tossed in for good measure . Also, if the dude is so ineffective why is she so inflamed?

” but I am much too busy to slip & slide with you. So, don’t expect a reply.”
This probably means “Im scared of you, please leave me alone or i will cry.”

“I’ve slummed enough with this one.”
What a mean little girl!

Face it, honey,  you could check into a trailer park for microcephallic psychopaths and still not be slumming.

Thank you for reading my swinish oinkings, and don’t waste your money on her album – just record it off MTV.”

Well, that was fun to write. Incidentally , in a few days Otep will be joined in the shameful ranks of Misandrist Of The Month by a certain Englishwoman. Wish she was as much fun to insult as Otep, but unfortunately these upper class broads don’t swear much.

Portrait of a Self Hating Male

Portrait of a Self Hating Male published on 1 Comment on Portrait of a Self Hating Male

Usually these things are written by Porky, but this one is by Michael as i was the one who posted the comment at Shamaya’s that led to this. We’ve received a response to “American Psycho Otep Shamaya wins Misandrist of the Month” and even though it’s not from the organ grinder but rather one of her monkeys it nonetheless gives me an opportunity to point out some common feminist tactics so instead of publishing it in the comments i am giving it a post all it’s own. You may wonder why i am publishing this mentally ill man’s tirade at all. Well, it’s too early for me to go out here in the Emerald City, and i thought it might be fun to do an analysis of this kind of thing so here goes. His stuff, all of it – no edits have been done – are in quotes, my response is below said quotes.

I should point out that Josh Olson is the guy who wrote A History of Violence and is also doing something or other with Ms Shamaya (whose “Confrontation” i am, ironically, listening to as i write this). Chances are of course that this man is not the actual Josh Olson, but just a coward hiding behind a famous name – i doubt the real Josh Olson has the email address “” !

Our friend starts thus…

“Of course she published it, you hydrocephalic imbecile.That’s because Otep has a sense of humor, and enjoys exposing the inane peregrinations of the mentally challenged. (Buy a dictionary, schmuck).”

Notice the use of big words. This is often done by irrational people trying to establish that they are “smart” and therefore worth listening to – usually the only difference between these people and Dan Quayle is that just before they open their mouth someone whispers in their ear “Spanish not Latin”. Also, the conclusion that my comment was published because Shamaya has a sense of humor is not valid, for even  if she rather than her webmaster chose to publish it she may have done so for a variety of reasons, we simply don’t know which. Notice also the resort to ad hominems so common amongst supporters of not only feminism but also of other types of hatred.

“Speaking as a proud member of the male gender,”

I just don’t see how a man can be proud of being so and also defend someone who thinks men are scum. Do proud gay men defend homophobes?

“I’d also like to take a moment and point out that not all of us are terrified and threatened by strong women as. ”

As what? He doesn’t say. Perhaps he couldn’t come up with a big enough word so he just left a blank space. Note also the claim that Shamaya is “strong”, you know just like a Klansman, or some skinheads kicking the crap out of a lone gay guy in a dark alley. Personally i don’t know if  Shamaya is weak or strong nor do i care, just like other hate mongers it is her spreading of bigotry that matters. The tactic here seems to be to make those of us who oppose feminist hatred look weak for doing so – when women stand up to sexism against their gender  they are strong, when men stand up to sexism against their gender they are weak. In other words, if you know i can knock you out the best thing to do is convince me that i would be a wimp to hit you back. Alas, for the feminists i’m not  hydrocephallic enough to fall for that.

“I often wonder what the source of these terrors are.”

Note the claim that i am scared. This helps to define anti-feminists as weaklings, and also distracts the audience from what i have actually expressed, which is outrage.

“Is it really as simple as having a tiny pecker? Did a woman once laugh at you during a sensitive moment?  Did your mother make you wear dresses during your formative years? Did a woman steal your job cleaning toilets at the gas station?”

Another common tactic of feminists is to attack the sexuality of any man who opposes them – it’s like their equivalent of the extreme right’s view that feminists are all dykes or fuglies who can’t get laid. As for the gas station thing, i’m not allowed to work in a gas station as both my parole officer and my psychiatrist tell me i would do well to stay away from anything that can be used to start fires.

“Or are you just another thumbless, toothless half-wit who actually believes the misogynistic rants of Rush Limbaugh come from a place of intellectual rigor, and not the simple and obvious panic of the latent (and self-loathing) homosexual?”

Note the implication that i am a right winger ( how many Rush fans aren’t?) Those who know my writings know i’m left wing on everything except feminism and multi culturalism ( and if i were a conservative i wouldn’t even oppose the latter), but amongst the mouth breathing radical left nothing is worse than a right winger, so if you want someone’s argument dismissed out of hand simply claim they are right wing. There is also a certain hypocrisy in someone who appears to be a liberal using the word homosexual as an insult – this may very well be the kind of man who is in favor of gay marriage but will call you a faggot whenever it suits him.

“Seriously, man, what drives someone to express so much anger at a group of people whose only sin is that they don’t bow and scrape before intellectual midgets, cowards and sissies?If you put half as much effort into losing your virginity as you do into lambasting strong women, you might actually enjoy life for a change.
Give it a try. You’ll thank me some day.”

And there’s another attack on my sexuality, and the repeating of the claim that Shamaya is “strong” rather than hate-filled. I do thank him though – i thank him for helping me to kill some time.

And did everyone notice what is missing in the midst of all these logical fallacies? That’s right, folks, an actual argument. Never does “Josh” say “You are wrong because of this that and the other thing”, but then how do you rationally defend  a woman who writes gendercidal crap like “Menocide”? You can’t.

I mentioned at the start that i am listening to Otep’s “Confrontation” as i write this. Amongst the lyrics in this very cool song is the all too true line “Its a rich man’s war but it’s the poor that fight.” This seems rather appropriate writing music for this post given that this man ( a member of an underprivileged group) is fighting on behalf of a woman (a member of a privileged group). Congratulations “Josh”, on being the gender equivalent of  a white man’s nigger.

PS, any response not containing valid arguments will be deleted – i don’t always get up this early. Now if you will all excuse me, i have a fire to start.

Michael Claymore

“The Menz is Scum, Kill All The Menz!”

“The Menz is Scum, Kill All The Menz!” published on

Here is another charming bit of anti-male sentiment. This piece is called Menocide (as opposed to the proper term, which is androcide, but one can’t expect such a woman to have a vocabulary much beyond that of any other brain damaged psychopath) and its lyrics were written by a poor excuse for a human female with the unlikely nom-de-guerre of Otep Shamaya, which I believe is Egyptian for “Blithering Idiot”.

Reading these lyrics I could not help but be reminded of my recent article on the Scum Manifesto, but unlike Solanas there is no evidence of an actual psychosis in this woman so I am inclined to put Ms Shamaya in the same class as Robin Morgan – a hate-filled psychopath who would be writing this garbage about blacks if her leftie friends would let her get away with it.

Here is the video and below are the lyrics.

Menocide Lyrics

we killing me
me killing me

killing me ……

infectious human waste
prostate gods


a testosterone feeding drone
multiplying, multiplying hungry clones

time to
the hive

Kill your masters!

our time has come!!!
you’re just as weak as me
but not as strong!
just as imperfect!
but twice as flawed!

i see your skin
and i hate the way
you look at me!
and softly invade
eye’m afraid!
rage intensified!

i’ll feel no fear or hate as i …
commit ….

girls in the playroom

servants in the workplace
slaves to lies!!


those who refuse to grow
we leave behind
give death to them!
with an evolved state of mind
no one’s listening
save your cries

everything they taught
was a lie
hear me now this battlecry

– what to wear
– what to eat
– what to feel
– what to think
– how to act
– how to speak
– insecure
– incomplete!!


.. apple eater!
.. deceiver!
.. protector of the way!

this is the beginning of my Liberation!
Lillith, Eve, Isis, Kali


no compassion
kill your masters!
kill your masters
kill your masters
kill your masters

Isn’t that wonderful? Find me a heavy metal song where a man says these things about women and you can pull my curly little tail for free. That’s “women”, not “a woman”- I am aware that there are a few worrisome examples of the latter, but this piece of hate-mongering is about men as a class, it is not about a particular man that “done her wrong” – indeed, it can’t be as Ms Shamaya describes herself as a lesbian. Poor dykes, as if they didn’t have enough problems already now they also have this nutter out there giving the homophobes an excuse to label them all man-haters. But I doubt Shamaya cares much about that, as her kind usually cares about only two things- herself and her bank balance.

As usual evil has its excuses. When asked on her blog if she hated men this was her response.

“i don’t see it that way. indeed, i am an emotional person and i use angry words. but they are aimed (mostly) at IDIOTS and MONGRELS.
perhaps YOU equate men with the likes of those scourge. but not me. i am an equal opportunity dispenser of rage. ha.”

And if you buy that excuse, i have a nice Opera House i would like to sell you…