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Girls Go From Bad To Worse

Girls Go From Bad To Worse published on

SAMHSA, which is an agency of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, has come up with a report that confirms what many in the MRM have long been arguing – the little girlies are  becoming increasingly violent.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use & Health…

Almost 19% of adolescent females got into a serious fight in the year previous to taking part on the research…

About 14 percent of girls took part in acts of group-against-group violence (that one surprised even me)…

Almost 6% of girls attacked someone with “the intent to seriously hurt them”…

and almost 27% of the girlies have committed at least one of these offences in the 12 months leading up to the survey.

Those figures are in themselves rather damming, but even more telling is that even though the figures for violence amongst boys are worse, they are so only by a relatively small margin…

Rounding the figures up or down to the nearest whole number, they boil down to this …

Serious fights, 19 % of girls, 25% of boys.

Group violence, 14 % of girls, 17 % of boys

Intent to cause serious harm, 6% of girls, 9% of boys

Engaging in at least one of these, 27% of girls, 34 % of boys.

The most significant difference here is in the intent to cause damage, with twice as many boys as girls. But hey, boys don’t get twice as many encouragements to be violent as girls do, they get a dozen times more; the girls get Buffy and Xena, the boys get everything else, not to mention that the boys get more opposite sex approval for being violent than the girls do.

Even though the report doesn’t mention figures from that long ago, these numbers are a very significant increase on what we saw in the eighties amongst girls, and the only thing I can think of that has changed since then is the portrayal of female violence as being cool – very few parents are telling their kids, regardless of sex, to be violent, and female DNA hasn’t changed in just one generation!

The media has a huge impact on people, especially the young and stupid, and here in Aus we have an example of this  that you guys in America don’t – we have wiggers without having the n***ers! I kid you not, there are thousands of kids in western Sydney dressing and talking like black Americans, without having ever lived amongst them! In the US this phenomenon is often speciously explained as the result of everyday contact with black people, but over here it’s all the media baby, no two ways about it – ain’t none of these kids spent a few weeks living in South Central!

Report here

Boofhead Americans Slander Australia

Boofhead Americans Slander Australia published on 1 Comment on Boofhead Americans Slander Australia

Hot on the heels of slack-jawed Indians referring to we Australians as “white dogs”, along comes a bunch of Harry Connick Jr wannabes to criticize an Australian KFC ad in which a cricket fan quiets a bunch of loud black people by giving them some fried chicken!

Much like Connick these fools can’t tell the difference between Australia and the Deep South, so here is the main one folks – in Australia we do not have the stereotype of the fried chicken loving negro! Hell, we barely have any negroes anyway, we have aboriginals, and the last I looked they don’t give a toss about fried chicken!  Now if the ad showed him calming down a bunch of black Americans by giving them fried chicken that would be different, but they aren’t Americans, they are West Indians.

Once again thousands of people who are the product of the developed word’s worst education system are taking something out of its cultural context and acting as if the whole world is, or at least should be, like the United States. The ignorance and arrogance required to do this is astounding, not to mention the hypocrisy given that unlike Americans we never went to war to have the right to own other human beings, nor do we have groups dedicated to wiping out people just because of their skin color!

KFC claims that the ad was not intended for showing in the Land of Racial Harmony, and this is quite easy to believe given that most Americans, at least the ones not driven by the politically correct sawdust between their ears, would look at this ad and wonder who the hell the white guy is, and why is he dressed like that, and what are those black people, Jamaicans or something? So yes, America not being a cricket loving country, I have no trouble believing that this ad was never intended for the USA and since we do not have the image of goggle-eyed Stepin Fetchits gobbling down fried chicken and watermelon woven into our culture, the whole thing is a storm in a cup of chicken gravy, and yet another example of why Norman Mailer was right when he said that America simply does not have the maturity to lead the world.

As for the dimwits at The Young Turks, they aren’t fit to run a school newspaper much less a political website. The colored man actually claims that he gives people the benefit of the doubt before coming to any judgment! Too bad that part of his thought process didn’t include ideas as fundamental as “Australia is not America”! As for the white woman, she actually refers to the West Indians as African-Americans! How’s that for covert racism? Hell, them there is negras so they must all be the same right? West Indians look kind of like African-Americans so it’s okay to refer to them as such, rather like referring to a Japanese as a Chinaman, after all they look pretty similar too!

Must left wing Americans make it a habit to show the world their stupidity at such frequent intervals? Don’t they realize most normal people react to their blitherings by no longer taking them seriously? Here’s some free advice from a thinking progressive – think before you speak, ask yourself if there are  any cultural differences between America and the rest of the (far more ) civilized world, and if you can’t figure out the difference between Sydney and Alabama, just keep your idiot mouths shut.

Story here, the ad and a pair of arrogant, self-righteous American pinheads below.

Boofhead Indian Racists Slander Australia

Boofhead Indian Racists Slander Australia published on

Recently a young Indian man was murdered in Melbourne and this, of course, has led to claims by Indians that Australia is a racist country!

Never mind that the police have pointed out that there seems to be no racial motivation involved in this killing, and that even if there were, that would make only the actual murderers certifiable racists, not the entire country – after all, when an Australian is killed in India, does that make all curry-swillers racists? Presumably not.

These facts however, do not stop the slandering of our country by idiots such as “James”, who drooled this onto his keyboard…

‘‘I am an Indian occupying a reasonably responsible position in Australia, but I can state without any doubt that this is a racist country, which discriminates Indians on every count,”

Except of course, when it comes to assigning them to “reasonably responsible” positions!

And according to a dimwit using the all-too-apt online name of Daffy…

‘‘Well can’t blame the Aussies. They started as a bunch of thugs, killed the Aborigines and now they continue to do same.’’

And then of course, the hate mongers roll out their white sheets…

‘‘Ban over flight of Qantas through Indian air space. Ban all imports from Australia. Ask British to de-colonise Australia or India does it. These white dogs understand only one language, kick in the face … ’’

… writes some drooling, knuckle-dragging thug calling himself “Neck Breaker”. White dogs! Wow, to use the so-called logic being used by all these meatheads, this now proves that all Indians are racist, right? I mean, one of them has said something racist so by their own reasoning India is a racist country, not merely a country with a few racists in it!

And the anti-white racism isn’t to be found only amongst the mouth-breathing troglodyte ghetto dwellers, it goes as high up the ladder as the Indian External Affairs Minister S.M Krishna (that’s him soiling his hands by touching some buck-toothed old white woman) issuing this threat…

‘The stabbing … is brutal and I hope the Australian Government will take necessary action and not force India to look to other ways. We will not tolerate it any more,”

Strangely enough Krishna didn’t mention anything about all the Australian tourists who are robbed, raped and killed in his own country. Yes, it’s a Bollywood paradise over there with everyone joyfully singing and dancing in the streets and nobody ever being murdered, and definitely never because their white skin reminds the locals of the British!  To be blunt, given the resentment towards the Brits, I would find it difficult to believe that there aren’t a substantial number of racially motivated murders happening in India, so I guess from now on every time I hear a story of some  Australian bloke being beaten to death by Indian waiters, I’ll have to write a post about how racist India is!

Frankly, even the mildest of these reactions makes Indians look racist, after all they are simply assuming, without evidence, that the killing is racially motivated, and to assume that they obviously can’t have a very high opinion of Aussies to begin with.

More here.

Walk The Dog – Or Else!

Walk The Dog – Or Else! published on

The weirdoes in charge of Australia’s RSPCA (our version of the Humane Society) have put forward a proposal that takes government interference in everyday life to a ridiculous new height – they’ve suggested that people who don’t walk their dogs “often enough” should be fined thousands of dollars, and in some cases even jailed!

Being a swine myself, I’m all for giving people who mistreat animals a kick in the teeth, but making it an offense to not walk the dog “often enough”? And just how often is “often enough”? Well according to the article…

“The proposed new laws are designed to formalize the national code, which states dogs must be walked at least once a day.”

So on top of everything else, Australians will now have to take doggy for a walk every freaking day or they’ll be looking down the barrel of jail time. Bad enough for those who work very long hours, but even more so for the elderly or disabled for whom doing this every day may simply be impossible. There are a couple of women in my area that can only get around on motorized wheelchairs, and both of them have lapdogs. How the hell are they supposed to take these dogs for a walk every day? And what if your dog is a lazy bastard who refuses to go walkies? What are you supposed to do, drag the bastard through the streets? Why, that would be illegal too!

And precisely how does one prove the dog is being walked regularly anyway? You can prove it’s not underfed by pointing to it’s gut, prove it isn’t being abused by pointing to a lack of injuries, but what do you do to prove you’re walking the bugger? Make a video recording of each walk while keeping a newspaper with the day’s date in clear view? Ludicrous. Let’s face it, anyone with a grudge against you (psycho ex-wife, that bloke you keep beating at pool, that drinking buddy who resents you for never buying a round…) could claim you’re not taking Fido for enough walkies and you could end up wearing a fine of up to 12 thousand dollars or even jail time!

I’m all for protecting furbearing quadrupeds, but this goes far beyond the protection of animals to the oppression of humans. It’s yet another little thing to keep people worried and anxious, yet another distraction from the real problems of the world, yet another way to keep people scared and unthinking. Think I’m exaggerating? Think the people who enforce the law will always be sensible about it and not lock up citizens who are clearly not criminals? That’s what many people think, people like Samantha Tumpach, an American woman who taped four minutes of Twilight: New Moon during her sister’s birthday celebrations at the local cinema , and is now being threatened with three years jail! Safe to say that if someone had told Tumpach that something this surreal was in her future she would have said “Oh, come on, you’re exaggerating!”

Big Brother strikes here.

Go Home, Ya Mug!

Go Home, Ya Mug! published on

Are you the kind of twit who likes to work for free? Probably not, at least you don’t like to do so, but if you are an Australian worker there’s a 50% chance that you are doing exactly that.

According to progressive think tank The Australia Institute, about half of Australia’s workforce is giving their bosses more work hours than they are paid for. For a full time worker, most of whom of course sport wangs, this averages out to 70 minutes of free labor every day, and more than six weeks of extra gravy for the boss every year!

Obviously the occasional bit of unpaid overtime is no problem, it’s when a business actually relies on the unpaid hours as part of  a covert business plan that it becomes exploitative of those who work, while denying new jobs to those still seeking employment. To combat this egregious exploitation the Institute has declared November the 25th to be “Go Home On Time Day”, a day on which you can tell the greedy bastards to get stuffed and go home at 5pm like you’re supposed to, not at 6 or 7 because he/she is too money-grubbing to hire extra help.

According to the Institute’s Josh Fear, the Australian worker’s unpaid overtime adds up to a “subsidy” of $72 Billion per year, gratis, from you to the guy with the Porsche, the trophy wife and the house in Vaucluse, or Toorak, or wherever it is rich bastards live in QLD…

It’s time to put an end to this bizarre Alice in Wonderland situation! If you must insist on working more than the traditional 40 hours a week, then at least make sure you’re not giving it away for free. Just remember, there’s nothing wrong with a little hard work, but if you’re doing it for free, you’re a mug.

Official website here

Article here.