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James Deen Is Starting To Look Pretty Bad

James Deen Is Starting To Look Pretty Bad published on

To feminists and other Witchfinders he looked bad as soon as Stoya accused him of raping her. But decent, rational, people like to have a bit more to go on before piling up the wood and lighting the fire.

Thing is, though, that now there is more to go on. None of it is evidence, but I like to do things based on probability, and the probability that all these women are lying is fairly small. It’s not a Cosby thing – not yet – where there are so many accusers that it is virtually impossible that they are all lying, but it’s enough to make Deen look very suspect.

Since Stoya’s rather dubious accusations (you want cred when accusing a black man of raping you, don’t point out that you are in the Klan) other people have come forward with stories of various types of sexual abuse suffered at the hands of “Porn’s Tom Cruise.” The latest seems to be one Lily LaBeau, whose story is confirmed by the guy who directed the scene during which Deen slapped her so hard she couldn’t move her jaw for several minutes. ( He apparently did this while his foot was jammed in her mouth, so it seems James has a habit of confusing mouths with footwear. Bizarre thing, the BDSM industry. What the hell ever happened to fucking for the sake of fucking?)

But anyway, the grossness of some modern porn aside, this is a bad development for James Deen, who looks sleazier and sleazier by the day. Now, I am no puritan, so I don’t think fucking in front of a camera makes him sleazy. What makes him sleazy is his other behaviors. At the very least, Deen seems to be an S&M freak with little respect for his partners, at worst he is a straight out rapist. Either way, it makes one wish the worst we could say of Deen is that he bounces up and down on couches and takes a certain sci-fi writer too seriously…

LaBeau lays the dirt about lying with dirt here

And here’s a photo of Lily LaBeau for purely gratuitous purposes. It includes her jaw, but no foot…

lily labeau hustler

Mel Gibson Demands Affirmative Action For Hollywood’s Christians

Mel Gibson Demands Affirmative Action For Hollywood’s Christians published on

Former Australian and current Christian loony tune Mel Gibson has issued a demand that Hollywood introduce quotas for Christian film makers. Gibson, who is the founder and head of the “Organization to End Jewish Nastiness” had this to say at a press conference held outside the Beverly Hills pub above which he currently resides …

“For over a hundred years, the Jews have held an hegemonical power over the film industry. Some would say this is because they were the ones who got into the place and built it into what it is today, but the truth is much more sinister. For decades, the Hollywood chapter of the Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy has discriminated against Christians by denying them career opportunities, and even most of the few who manage to squeeze through the cracks are soon driven out by the grotesque initiation rituals required by their Hebrew Overlords.”

When asked by our reporter what those initiation rituals were, Mr. Gibson replied…

“You have to drink the blood of a beheaded Christian infant while watching a nun getting raped by a goat. Or by James Deen, if a goat is not available.”

And how does Mr. Gibson propose this problem be fixed?

“There should be a sort of stamp put on the movie poster right next to the age classification. This symbol should be cross — you know, the kind that Our Lord, the One and Only Savior and Messiah died on. This symbol should be awarded only to movies written by Christians and directed by Christians, with Jew involvement kept to things like accounting and catering. Also, too many chinks in the laundry business! Someone has to do something about that, as well!”

Is this for real? Are we about to see a world where the Christians get handed positions of power simply for being able to work on Saturday and staying away from matzah balls? No, of course not! Not even Mel Gibson is that batshit crazy – but bitches like Holly Tarquini are!
Yeah, I don’t know who the fuck she is either, which probably explains why she wants affirmative action for obscure wiminz like herself…

Is James Deen a Rapist?

Is James Deen a Rapist? published on

Not the movie star James Dean, mind you. He can’t rape anyone – his dick rotted off decades ago. No, this is a porn star and Zionist supremacist called James Deen who, according to another obscure porn star called Bolli, or Stoli, or is it Stoya? Pravda? Some such thing. Anyway, according to this girl, Deen raped her. And how do we know he raped her? Because she said so. Duh.

Now, while we have yet to hear from what appears to be the Jewish equivalent of Mel Gibson, there are several red flags on Stoya’s story.

First, as is so common nowadays, the so-called victim is so under-whelmed by her traumatic experience that, rather than go to the police, she instead takes to Twitter to make her accusations. I am no expert on rape victims, but I find it hard to believe that most of them wouldn’t want the bastard locked up, as opposed to just vilified by the hysterical harpies and hormonal teenagers that dominate social media.

The second red flag is that this woman is pretty obscure. I have only ever read her name once before, so it’s not like she’s the Marilyn Chambers or Jenna Jameson of her generation, is it? But now? Well, now we all know who she is, don’t we? And that probably means she’ll be getting paid a lot more moolah the next time she jumps on some gigantic dong in front of a camera.

The third flag is the accuser’s admission that she is a feminist. This is a lot like a white woman who has accused a black man of stomping on her roses admitting to being a member of the KKK! Surely, only the most naïve would fail to see a possible political motivation behind such an accusation!

Admittedly, these are only red flags and not proof positive that Deen went nowhere near the woman’s roses, but on the weight of the evidence it won’t surprise me if this turns out to be yet another unconfirmed attack on a well-known man’s character. Only time will tell for certain, but my view is that Little Ms. Cumstain is probably full of it, and by “it” I don’t mean that white, gooey stuff!

Story here. And don’t read the comments unless you want to go into a rage. One guy actually has the sense to say we should wait for evidence and is called “disgusting,” and the insult receives 223 likes. Makes me wish SJWs would all catch syphilis and die. Now that I think of it, given their inability to reason clearly, most of them probably already have syphilis! Now, if only they would hurry up and die!

Kewpie Doll Steps Out Of Line, Gets Eaten Alive By Angry Birds

Kewpie Doll Steps Out Of Line, Gets Eaten Alive By Angry Birds published on

Ain’t it just grand when the feminists turn on one another over the most minor of things? Emma Watson, the disgusting little dwarf who gave that shameful “HeForShe” speech at the UN, has just made the mistake of saying that some of the best feminists are men! While I see that as yet another gross insult to the male sex, the pinheads and reprobates who litter Twitter saw it as some sort of attack on feminism. Or it had something to do with race. Or something.

Amongst the more coherent tweets are such pearls of wisdom as…

“Emma Watson is a problematic fav. I love her but she needs to educate herself and stop trying to get male approval with her white feminism.”

Puzzling, as in the piece there is no mention of race. My guess is that “white feminism” is just another nonsensical SJW term that has nothing to do with what is actually happening.


Love the all-caps, madam. Combined with your atrocious mangling of the English language it truly makes you look like someone who should be taken seriously.

“Emma Watson’s views shouldn’t be considered feminism, anything that questions black women and seeks male approval is NOT feminism”

What? Which black women did she question? It’s almost as if Twitter feminists live in a completely different reality to the rest of us…

As for Watson herself, she claims to have “experienced” sexism because most of the directors she has worked with have been male. Yeah, and most of the nurses and school teachers I have encountered have been female, so I guess that I also have “experienced sexism.” What a schmuck.

There’s also some crap caption under the video in which it is claimed that she said “It was seven men and me”! That doesn’t seem to be in either the video or the print, but it makes you wonder what the hell young Emma is getting up to in her spare time. Emma Watson – actress, feminist twat, human bowling ball.

Watson and other idiots here.

Ashley Judd Digs Deep

Ashley Judd Digs Deep published on

Unfortunately, what she is digging is a grave for her tiny brain. Recently, the lukewarm actress complained of being sworn at after expressing some opinion or other about one of those things where a bunch of men throw their balls at one another.

Now, she’s gone all the way to writing an article for some site or other in which she expands on one set of unproven claims with a second set of unproven claims and throws in a lot of feminist tripe just for the hell of it.

While a reasonable person knows that the internet is full of these things called trolls, who like to make people unhappy just for the lolls, Judd claims it’s all because she’s a wiminz. Her being an actress and all, I give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s dumb rather than dishonest when she claims it’s all some sort of patriarchal thing rather than a bunch of jerks going after a soft target. But what really gets me about this whole thing is her insistence that what she experienced is “gender-based violence.”

This latter is a fine example of both Hollywood idiocy and of the dangerous and stealthy way in which feminism redefines terms to suit its own aims. If the idea takes hold that calling someone a nasty name is a type of violence, why would it not eventually become something that can land you in jail? After all, it’s violence and we all know violent people belong in jail. This is dangerous and contemptible even if one does not look further – if one does, then it gets even scarier. If calling Judd a whore is violence, why shouldn’t it be violence to call Obama or Cheney scumbags? Assuming she’s a Democrat (as safe an assumption as one can make, I would wager) she has probably referred to many Republican politicians by all sorts of colorful names. This means, by her own standards, that she has committed acts of violence and should therefore be the subject of police reports the same way her trolls are. She is also claiming that she was threatened with rape, but as she gives no evidence of that I am not taking it seriously. Funny, huh? The most serious charge she has to make and no evidence provided. She has caps of people being mean to her, but does not bother to give us caps of the so-called rape threats. And even if such threats were made, they are not violence, either – just the kind of meaningless threat one sees on the internet all the time. Being a rabid feminist weasel, Judd uses the article to go on about all sorts of claptrap, such as the “what was the rape victim wearing” thing, something which I have only ever seen happen in the minds of deranged feminist weasels. I’m sure it does occasionally happen, but it is so uncommon that I have never actually been witness to that particular bit of stupidity – and god knows i’ve seen plenty of stupidity. Which brings us back to the knuckle-dragging halfwit who wrote the piece, a piece in which she, ironically, complains of being called dumb while also doling out howlers such as these…

“in which my genitals, vaginal and anal, should…”
“an attempted oral rape by yet another adult man.”

That’s right, folks, Ashley Judd, a woman who objects to being called stupid and who thinks her opinions matter, thinks her asshole is part of her genitals! Good thing she never had children. As for “adult man,” what other kind is there? Is the definition of “man” not “an adult, male human”? It is in my world. Let’s face it, anyone this hilariously stupid should not be allowed to write on anything of substance. Indeed, it pretty much makes me wish that sport was the only thing she blabbed about.

Idiocy here.