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South Australian Girls – Now With More Violence!

South Australian Girls – Now With More Violence! published on

As has become the norm in the Anglosphere, girls in the state of South Australia are becoming increasingly violent, with young females now accounting for 25% of all assaults committed by teenagers during the last financial year.

According to the statistics, over the last couple of years violent crime and assaults committed by the girlies of S.A have increased by 40%, underage drinking has doubled, and disorderly and offensive behavior has increased by 170%.

The so-called experts put the increases down to greater alcohol usage and online bullying, but I’m not quite sure how the latter works, as online bullying doesn’t usually result in bloody noses and broken teeth! I also find it hard to believe that any more than a tiny proportion of these crimes are being committed by girls who want to upload a video to YouTube!

As for alcohol usage, that’s really no excuse at all, as alcohol also fuels most violence by males. I suspect the reason alcohol is so often brought up in these discussions is because a lot of people don’t know that alcohol is a major factor in most male violence, and not knowing this they are likely to formulate the opinion that young men beat people up just because “boys will be boys”, whereas young women beat people up because the poor dears have been at the piss!

What everyone seems to be studiously avoiding is the main factor, which is that over the last 20 years our popular culture has changed drastically in what it tells girls is acceptable female behavior. A media that used to give 99% of its incentives to be violent to men and boys is now sending a significant number of these incentives to girls, and the results have been predictable to anyone who is not caught up in the idea that males are more violent by nature.

To admit that it is primarily the culture making girls more violent would be to imply that it is primarily the culture that makes boys violent, and this of course runs counter to what has become mainstream feminism. Worse yet, given that the culture is still for the most part aimed at encouraging male violence-for every Buffy and Xena, there are still dozens of Vin Diesels and Dwayne Johnsons- such an admission could lead people to wonder just how violent females would become if they were getting an equal number of incentives to go around thumping people!

And that’s a something that the feminists and their buddies in the media do not want people wondering, as it might lead to the obvious conclusion that  men aren’t the greater of the two evils – they might in fact be the lesser.


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Nannie Doss Got The Pussy Pass

Nannie Doss Got The Pussy Pass published on

Nannie Doss was an American serial killer who between the 1920s and the 1950s wiped out 11 members of her family -four husbands, two of her own children, her dear old mom, both sisters, a nephew, a granddaughter and a grandson!

As is so often the case with female serial killers, Doss’s weapon of choice was poison -except in the cases of her two-year-old grandson whom she suffocated, and a newborn granddaughter through whose skull she stuck a hat pin!

Apart from being yet another example of the kind of evil woman Western society likes to sweep under the rug, Doss is of interest for two other reasons. The first is that it is difficult to imagine that a male serial killer could kill so many members of his family and take 30 years to be found out! Imagine a man who loses wife after wife in suspicious circumstances and doesn’t have the police pouncing on him after the second or third one! Yet in the case of Doss, it a three decade murder spree before a doctor finally realized there was something suspicious about the death of her fifth husband and had ordered an autopsy which revealed that the man is system was filled with arsenic!

The other thing that caught my attention about this case was that the authorities refused to pursue the death penalty simply because she was a woman! No obfuscation here, they actually stated outright that no one in that state had ever pursued the death penalty against a woman and they werent going to be the first. So instead of being executed Nannie Doss was simply thrown into jail, where she died 10 years later from leukemia -let’s hope it was slow and painful. In this sense things have probably improved somewhat in the last 50 years or so as the authorities had no problem executing Aileen Wuornos, despite the fact that she killed no children and no members of the sacred sex.

Doss’ murders, jolly disposition and the fact that no one seemed willing to suspect her are the prime inspiration behind a screenplay that Michael is currently working on. If anything comes of this I will let you know, but let’s keep in mind that Michael has a history of starting yet never finishing quite a few screenplays – so don’t be holding your breath for a Nannie Doss movie anytime soon.

Pappas The Mad Weasel Strikes Again!

Pappas The Mad Weasel Strikes Again! published on

For anyone who doubts that what many feminists would like to see in the West is something akin to a reverse of Sharia law, here’s yet another example of NOW calling for a woman’s testimony to be worth twice as much as that of a mere male’s.

Marcia Pappas, the bloated bag of bile in charge of New York’s branch of the National Organization of Weasels, is calling for Adam Bradley, the mayor of White Plains, N.Y, to resign after being charged with domestic violence against his owner  Fumiko Bradley.

The bad dog stands accused of slamming his wife’s hand in a car door and of throwing hot tea at her. Damn, he should just have knocked her teeth out with a golf club instead! No wait, you only get away with that if you’re a woman married to a certain golfer….

What matters of course is not what Bradley is accused of, nor whether he is guilty or innocent, but rather that once again Pappas is calling for a woman’s allegations to be taken at face value. This is what Pappas did with Hiram Monserrate and Governor David Patterson so what we have here is yet another  case of damn the jury, damn the judge, if a woman says it happened, then it must have happened – and let’s all  forget the fact that Bradley’s wife wants to drop the entire case!

Pappas and her weasels weren’t happy to just make statements though, they turned up at  the courthouse to harass and shout slogans at the accused man!

And how many other weasels did Pappas bring with her? Twenty! That’s how unrepresentative these scumbags  are of the community, yet somehow when they speak guys like Obama still listen! How hard would it be to get at least 20 men to turn up for a counter-demonstration? Obviously I’m not about to fly to New York, but if even twenty men turned up to shout back at these harpies they would probably piss themselves and run away screaming!

The photo of Pappas was taken late last year at a press conference called by NOW to blame Ms Pappas’ weight problem on the man who sells her all that fried cheese.

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Sandra Bullock Deserves To Suffer

Sandra Bullock Deserves To Suffer published on

Funnily enough, I have actually been feeling animosity towards Bullock’s skank-humping husband Jesse James, as Bullock does seem to have a rep in Hollywood as a pretty nice woman, but alas, I forgot that there’s no such thing as a nice woman in Hollyweird – they’re all man hating matriarchal monsters of one stripe or another.

Earlier this year when asked about the Tiger Woods string of affairs, Bullock showed the misandry that lurks beneath so many of today’s pretty façades…

“If I were Elin … man, I would have hit a lot more than she did … I would have kept hitting!”

“You would still be swinging the golf club?” the interviewer asks.

“Yeah, she stopped. She was respectable. I’d get the baseball bat, I’d get everything out.”

So it seems that Jesse James, for all his obvious faults, is an instrument of the universe, an emissary of Karma, and as they say, Karma is a bitch – but then, so is Sandra Bullock.

I used to wonder why James would cheat on such a fine looking piece of Milf, but the above statements bring up the possibility that Bullock is enough of a cow at home to drive even a tough guy husband to seek comfort with another woman, so perhaps Bullock is getting her just desserts in more ways than one.

Is this post a case of kicking somebody when they’re down? Yes it is, and it’s a good thing for Bullock I don’t have a baseball bat in the house. People have to understand that this is a war, and that in a war you don’t stop shooting just because the enemy is down, you keep shooting till he’s dead.

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Psycho Woman’s Shooting Rampage

Psycho Woman’s Shooting Rampage published on

It had to happen, and now it has – a female academic has finally decided to do literally what her kind have been doing symbolically for decades by shooting up a university.

Amy Bishop turned up at a faculty meeting at the University of Alabama this past Friday, pulled out a 9mm handgun and killed everyone she could get her deranged mitts on. Three people were slain, three were wounded, and if the Alabama authorities fail to notice the murderous neurologist’s gazongas, she may get a one way ticket to a nice cozy hole in the ground courtesy of the Alabama penal system.

Speculation is rife that the shooting was motivated by Bishop having been denied tenure last year, but given that this is the same Amy Bishop who shot her brother dead back in the eighties , and that in the early nineties she was a suspect in a letter bomb plot against a man she had a professional clash with, what we may have here is yet another Natural Born GynoBeast just looking for an excuse to let her inner woman out of the patriarchal cage.

In the 1986 killing of her brother, which took place in her home state of Massachusetts, Bishop was in the process of being booked when the police chief at the time had the process stopped and ordered his subordinates to free her into the custody of her mommy, who purely by coincidence just happened to be a public official who had frequent dealings with the police force! Equally coincidental is the disappearance of the case file on the 1986 incident! Damn them space aliens – anally probing kidnappees and mutilating cattle isn’t enough, now they’re stealing police records as well!

As our trigger-happy moral superior was led away after her latest escapade, she was heard to blither…

“It didn’t happen. There’s no way. They’re still alive.”

Ah, so that’s going to be her defense – she thought the gun was loaded with blanks!

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