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Feminists Do NOT Care About Aiia Maasarwe

Feminists Do NOT Care About Aiia Maasarwe published on

As anyone with an IQ higher than a haddock’s could have predicted as soon as the news hit the fan, that poor girl’s death has become the latest excuse to hate on men.

Out comes the hate speech about toxic masculinity, patriarchal this and that, men’s violence against women, and all that crap about how disrespecting The Sacred Sex puts you on the same spectrum as murdering scumbags like Codey Herrmann. We in the MRM know this is just a huge pile of well-sugared kangaroo turds, but what some of us don’t seem to know is that we ain’t the only ones. The feminists – or at least the feminist leadership — also know this. They are not nice little people making a terrible mistake while trying to make the world a better place for women, they KNOW they are lying about the causes of this violence and they do not care.

We know they know this because we are the ones who told them that they are wrong. Thanks to the advent of social media (there’s a phrase you won’t hear me say often) we are now able to partly break through the walls of the feminist echo chamber and confront them with the truth. Virtually every feminist taking to the internet and the airwaves to blame this death on patriarchy etc has had the real facts about violence waved under their upturned noses. They KNOW that the great majority of woman-killers are not patriarchal monsters in need of PC education. They KNOW that teaching boys to respect women will do nothing to stop the sick few from raping and murdering. Hell, if this turd who killed Aiia Maasarwe had been gay he would have raped and killed a boy – just like Jeffrey Dahmer did to so many! Do feminists really believe that men like Dahmer need to be taught respect for their own sex? No. They are simply not that stupid.

So if they KNOW they are talking shit, why do they not shut their shit-holes? Simple – because they do not care about women like Aiia Maasarwe, or any other woman meeting her end at the hands of some psycho. Vilifying men, not protecting women, is the primary goal. Make no mistake about that. This is why they ignore all the research showing that most men who commit domestic violence are driven by things other than the desire to oppress women. This is why they ignore the fact that DV is just as common amongst lesbians as it is amongst heterosexuals. This is why they ignore the fact that a murderous man is far more likely to kill a man than a woman. This is why when the police give the only sound advice that can be given in these cases – to stay out of dark areas in the middle of the night – they are shouted down by screeching hordes of virtue-signalling harpies.

They know they are lying, but they will continue to do so for this is what has to be done when your primary purpose is to vilify all men by putting them on a “misogyny spectrum” that starts with watching a sexy girl on TV (as in the Gillette ad) and ends with raping and murdering every woman in sight! By doing this they imply that we are all potential murderers, and this in turn – they hope – will lead to men and boys being too psychologically damaged to fight back against an increasingly gynocentric society. And if all this patriarchy-blaming leads to women implementing fake solutions to real problems, who cares? It is rarely a feminist leader who gets raped and murdered in the middle of the night by some psycho. For one thing, most of those women are too old and/or ugly to appeal to these guys, and for another they are well off and living in the safe parts of the city, often in expensive apartments guarded by – you guessed it – men! The women who end up dead are not important, for they are not part of the feminist aristocracy. They are not of the elite, and they never will be. They are mere cannon fodder in a war on men, a war which is not meant to benefit all women, but only the women that matter – the feminist leadership.

Ask The Pigman – the MRM’s Favorite Agony Aunt

Ask The Pigman – the MRM’s Favorite Agony Aunt published on

Dear Swine,

I am constantly being harassed by women who seem to find me inexplicably attractive. How can a tall, handsome woman-hater like myself keep the howling feminine hordes at bay without chopping off his legs and sticking his face in one of those old-fashioned metal fans?

Thanks for your help,
Too Hunky 2 B Happy

Dear Too Hunky 2 B Happy,

I know how you feel. Handsome swine that i am, i often find myself the object of unwanted female attention. Being not exactly the mildest of men, i find that the words “Fuck off, you silly cow,” usually have the desired effect. You, however, may want a more civil alternative. Try not using deodorant or aftershave for a few months. If that doesn’t work, try not bathing till the next presidential elections – if anyone asks why you smell so bad just tell them you are a member of Antifa protesting the Trump administration’s treatment of albino transgender dwarves. And if none of that works, try this one – every time you are approached by one of the annoying creatures, simply pick your nose and wipe it on your hair. If this does not work, you should try picking your nose and wiping it on her hair.

Yours sincerely,
The Pigman


Dear Manpig,

My wife is really getting on my nerves. As we live in a patriarchy i am pretty certain i could get away with killing her, but then who would remove the blood stains from the carpet?

Lazy Bastard,
New Jersey

Dear Lazy Bastard,

One of the many male woes that goes unnoticed by the MSM is the cost of clean up after the act of uxoricide. Sure, our patriarchal society is not going to lock a man up just for killing his wife, but if the killing is especially messy the man in question can be driven to despair — or at the very least be severely inconvenienced. There was a case in Utah where a Mormon didn’t just kill his wife, he killed all his wives – with a chainsaw! It took him days to remove all the blood from the sofa and living room carpets, and he had to get up on a ladder to remove the entrails from the chandeliers! And the poor guy’s afraid of heights!

Of course, this can all be avoided if you get rid of your wife in a less messy way. Try telling her that you have found a barge full of brand new shoes just under the Golden Gate bridge. Drive her out there, and when she looks over and whines that she can’t see any shoes, just give her a good push. If you are lucky, a passing patriarch may even help you with the task.

Yours sincerely,
The Pigman


Dear Mr. Pig

I am a young man who is being constantly told by the mainstream media and various celebrities and other authority figures that men are jerks. Not being much of a jerk, this is all leading me to feel less manly than the other guys. My question, then, is how can i be more of a jerk and therefore more manly?

2 Nice 2 B A Man
New York, Montana

Dear 2 Nice 2 B A Man

Yours is a common predicament amongst men of your generation. You are constantly told that to be a man is to be a jerk, so of course you feel that you don’t measure up! This is understandable and, indeed, predictable. Being a total jerk myself i do not have this problem but i do know how a nice, average guy can go about becoming a jerk in no time flat.

Manliness is all about hating on those who are different to you, so i suggest that you go and hurt a homosexual’s feelings by telling him that Lady Gaga is Trump’s illegitimate daughter and that all her songs are secretly written by Ted Nugent. You might also want to burst into a mosque and throw pork sausages at everyone while shouting “Suck on those you Muslim faggots!” Hating people of a different race is good too, so you should join the Klan and hang around Stormfront — unless you’re black, in which case you should join Black Lives Matter and hang around Twitter. And if all this fails to make you look like a total and utter jerk, try saying a friendly hello to an attractive young woman.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Pig

The New Sabrina Totally Sucks

The New Sabrina Totally Sucks published on

So they’ve gone and rebooted another Archie Comics character. This time it’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch or, as we now have to call her, Sabrina The SJW Nutcase.

This latest PC atrocity from the pinheads at Netflix is titled, for reasons not entirely clear from a viewing of the first episode, “The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina,” and is the vile creation of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a massive asshole who is now really high up on the Archie totem pole. Seems he’s the one responsible for “Riverdale” and that “Archie Meets The Walking Dead” thing. He’s also of Latino descent. And has written for Marvel comics. And now he’s working for Netflix. These days, we all know precisely what to expect from a person with such a background.

In this bland and rather tedious amalgam of teen drama, supernatural lowjinks, and full-on SJW propaganda, Sabrina (played by Kiernan Shipka, a fairly cute midget best known for co-starring in Mad Men) is surrounded by an entire retinue of the kind of post-modernist stereotypes that SJWs frequently use to try to get the sane people to see the world in the same twisted, batshit crazy way that they do.

First, there’s her boyfriend Harvey. Being a straight white male, he is totally clueless when it comes to important cultural matters such as the subtext of Night Of The Living Dead, amongst other things. Surprisingly, he is also a nice, likable kid, though his name suggests that he will soon turn evil – or into a giant rabbit. And speaking of the whole MeToo thing, this incarnation of Sabrina seems to be a fan of that foul movement. In one scene Sabrina, with typical feminist fondness for gender profiling, asks the principal (an uncaring male jerk, of course) to interrogate ALL football players because some of them have been behaving badly. The patriarchal bastard replies that he is not keen on witch hunts, to which Sabrina retorts that she does not approve of that term. A few years ago we could have taken this as merely a reference to some of Sabrina’s ancestors having been hunted for being witches. But given the feminist nature of the show and how the MeToo crowd reacts when some sensible person questions their constant setting of bonfires, it’s safe to say that young Sabrina is going meta and defending the warlock hunters of MeToo from their many detractors. This is, after all, a girl looking to set up a feminist club at the high school!

Which brings us to her two friends other than the nice but uninteresting white boy. The first is a black girl who wears glasses and spouts feminist cant and must therefore be really, really smart. This is a character who once tried to set up some sort of branch of the Black Panthers at the school. In an earlier era this would have had to be taken as a joke, but nowadays it’s probably meant to show everyone how “woke” she is. Hell, she even whines about the “white patriarchy” as if it were a real thing and as if she – a black female – had to worry more about white men than black men. Then there’s “Suzy,” the target of the aforementioned football players’ bad behaviour. Yes, she is a he. A tranny. Or a she-male. Or is it an hermaphrodite? I’m sure there’s some politically correct term for this kind of weirdo but i don’t really know and i don’t really care. What matters is that what we have here is some poor deluded boy who, probably in an attempt to get better marks in school, has decided to pretend he’s a girl. That such people, along with all the other mentally ill folks, should not be mistreated is a given. That their delusions should be indulged is not. It is, in fact, downright evil, yet that’s what the show does. Everyone is constantly referring to him as a her, constantly driving into the audience’s heads the idea that just because someone claims to be something they must, indeed, be that something. It’s the harassment of this “Suzy” guy that leads Sabrina (played by Shipka Tiernan) to create a women’s society at the school. A society that “Suzy” will be a part of. Despite the fact that he isn’t a woman. Yes, folks, it’s that wonderful SJW disregard for science, facts, and reason striking once again, and it’s especially vile to see it in a show aimed at the young and impressionable.

There are quite a few other signs of rampant SJWness to be had. Living with Sabrina (played by Sheepkin Nearman) and her two witchy aunts is some gay, black cousin of hers who is not allowed to leave the plantation, which leads me to suspect that the witches are Democrats. It’s not just their insistence on keeping the black guy in his place, there’s also the fact that they eat human flesh for dinner and worship someone called The Dark Lord, a character no doubt based on George Soros. We also have a racially diverse trio of witches who place a curse on our poor heroine. We don’t know what this curse is, but it probably has something to do with starring in a really lame show. Then there’s the villainess of the piece, a witch or something in service of the Dark Lord who actually uses terms such as “puritanical masculinity” and “misogyny,” and goes on about how women should be running everything. The fact that she is the villainess suggests that she is just an evil entity false flagging the feminist movement because, as we all know, misandry ain’t a real thing.

Strangely enough, Sabrina herself is a rather innocuous creature – if you call murdering an innocent bat being innocuous – who has doubts as to whether or not she should become a servant of the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, the fact that she is a feminist does not augur well and one suspects it won’t be long before she joins her aunts as an unholy, flesh eating servant of Satan. I suspect that poor young Harvey will be first on the menu, and that he will last be seen roasting on a slow spit with an apple in his mouth.

Another aspect of this show that did not please me at all is that it is part of the corrupting of everything that has become so fashionable in popular culture. As a life-long fan of horror movies i clearly have no problem with dark subject matter, but that does not mean that everything has to be turned into some twisted, dark version of its former cute, funny self. Darkness has its place, but so does the light. I no more wish to see a cute cartoony version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre than i wish to see a version of My Little Pony in which Pinkie Pie goes psycho and kills everyone and sends their bodies to the glue factory! In popular culture we need the cute and funny, and we need the dark and unpleasant, and getting rid of the former will only result in a darker, bleaker world and who the fuck needs that?

So, other than the fact that it is unadulterated SJW swill, is this show worth watching? Not really. For one thing, while darker than it should be for such a character, the thing is not dark enough for horror fans. The closest we get to scary is the scene in which Sabrina first meets her black cat familiar Salem. We briefly see him in his goblin form, but that’s it. (Sabrina, of course, treats this cat-goblin not as a servant but as an equal. Very egalitarian of her, i must say — if only the other black resident of the house could get the same consideration from her blue-tinged aunts!) The other huge problem with the show is that its attempts at humour fall flat on their faces, mostly because of the SJW-ness of the whole thing. The writers seem totally unaware that since SJWs have become a parody of themselves, most people don’t know when they are joking and when they are being serious, and hence won’t know when there is a joke going on! Prime example — the above-mentioned bit about the black nerd girl and the Black Panthers. On the positive side, the cinematography is quite nice, Sabrina (played by Sheepish Gherkin) makes for a likable lead, there’s a cute kitty and…er…did i mention the cute kitty?