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“Rape? What rape? I don’t see no rape!”

“Rape? What rape? I don’t see no rape!” published on

Recently in England a truly horrific case of mass rape was uncovered, the kind of thing so lurid one hardly expects to see it outside of some tacky 1970s exploitation movie. Over a 16 year period, organized gangs repeatedly raped at least 1400 mostly teenaged kids in the town of Rotherham, and the authorities ignored the problem, even going so far as to mysteriously “lose” evidence of the attacks. But as outrageous as the case is, and as deserving of long sentences (I would say the death penalty but England doesn’t have it) as the scum responsible may be the case itself is not what this piece is about – that is being handled by plenty of more influential sites.

The aspect I want to talk about is the almost complete lack of outrage on the part of those who pretend to care about rape more than anyone else – The Sisterhood of Rich White Women, or as they prefer to be known, feminists.

While I am sure that some feminist somewhere is giving a shit, the big girls are all falling somewhere between complete silence and just a tiny little mention. According to Google, in the past month there have been no posts at Alternet (you remember them, they are the ones who complained about some store playing The Stones’ “Under My Thumb,”) containing the word Rotherham. A similar search for finds only one mention of the case, and that’s simply a link to the NYTimes, not an actual Feministing article, and a search on Jezebel finds only one or two articles. And who knows, maybe my search engine skills are crap, but surely a story this big should have so many feminist flies all over it that one shouldn’t even have to go looking for the outrage! So why the mysterious silence? Keep in mind that these are the same group of people who not long ago called some boy a rapist because he went down on some smiling girl while they were both pissed as newts. These are the people who continued to label the Duke U. boys rapists after the DNA turned out to be someone else’s. These are the people who still look at DSK as a rapist, and who freak out at the sight of a statue of a man in his underwear, claiming that it will upset women who have in the past been raped by statues. Yet here we have one of the most egregious cases of mass rape in living history, rape on a scale rarely seen outside of a theatre of war, and all is silence. No screaming outrage, no calls for “culture change,” no jumping up and down about yet another horrible case of patriarchal oppression! And you know why? Because the victims were white and the rapists were Pakistani Muslims, that’s why!

Many folks, believing that feminists are some kind of left wing thing, are putting this reluctance down to genuine PC self-censorship but I do not, mainly because I do not buy the bullshit idea that the feminists are leftists. What they are is a bunch of plutocratic lapdogs and stokers of female privilege who care little for leftist concerns – if they did they would be writing about the woes of the poor, which they rarely do. However, even though they are not leftists, their work to increase female privilege is greatly admired by the left — so much so that the latter constantly ignores feminism’s obvious alliance with the plutocracy – and hence their main supporters in the media are left wing outlets that would start to look askance at them were they to start harping on about those awful Muslim men and their undoubtedly racist rapes. As vile as feminists are, in this case the PC sites are just as bad, for both groups are conspiring to stop this case getting as much attention as it deserves simply because of the race and religion of the perpetrators. If both these packs of assholes truly cared about rape victims they would be shouting the news from the rooftops, thereby warning other potential victims that it’s not really normal for a grown man to be taking a romantic interest in a 12 year old girl – even if he is a Pakistani Muslim.

You may be asking yourself, “But wouldn’t the feminists run the risk of pissing off the lefties in order to defend both their race and their sex?” No, they obviously wouldn’t and they obviously haven’t! First, vilifying men and feathering the nests of all women are goals more important to The Sisterhood than the rapes of a few girls and, much more importantly, the girls in question are from the lower classes – there’s a reason why I referred to feminists as The Sisterhood of RICH White Women. If these had been girls from the upper classes – say, students at Yale or Oxford being gang raped by Muslim men – I suspect that even fear of their PC allies would not silence them, but as it stands they simply don’t care. Wrong class, tough titties. You want more evidence of feminism’s lack of concern for the lower classes, there you have it.

Let’s get one thing straight – feminists don’t really care about rape victims. What they care about is using rape as a weapon against men. As long as they can scream hysterically that there is a rapist under every bed and that therefore all men are rapists in training they can continue to portray women as victims of some insidious patriarchal plot. This in turn allows them to claim more privileges for their sex – “Gimme mo’ money just in case I get raped!”– while vilifying men, something which also stokes female privilege, for if men are such scum and women such victims then it is not only acceptable but almost necessary for society to treat women better than it treats men. That is what the rape hysteria is about, not actual concern for victims, and as long as that is the case you can count on feminists to shut their mouths whenever the rapist is someone the left would rather be ignored.

Feminism – The Plutocracy’s Lapdog

Feminism – The Plutocracy’s Lapdog published on

(This is the first of a three part series on the ways in which feminism serves the plutocracy. It was originally going to be a very long one-piece thing but after smoke started to come out of my ears I realized I would be less likely to suffer an cerebral rupture if I split it into several chunks. As I have been working on this on and off for six months I am not about to make any promises as to how soon the other parts will come out. Days, weeks, months, it all depends on whether or not there’s anything good on TV.)

One of the more pertinent facts constantly ignored by most MRAs and ground troop feminists – as opposed to their Generals – is that, in all likelihood, the second wave of feminism has from the very beginning been a plutocratic project. Both the left and the right seem oblivious to this, mostly because they have bought the oft-repeated lie that feminism is some sort of left wing ideology, a cowpat that is easily swallowed given Karl Marx’s support for the wiminz and the idiot left’s support for feminism. The main problem is that everyone keeps looking at what feminists say and not at what they actually do, at the actual outcomes of their actions.

When you look at who has actually benefited from the second wave, it is the rich bastards who come out on top. It is they who have gained the most from the feminists’ work. Is this all just a terrible accident? Are the women who lead the feminist movement really so dumb that they have not, despite decades of evidence, realized that they are doing the devil’s work? No, this does not seem at all likely. These women are not dumbasses, yet the great majority of them continue to do their masters’ bidding year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation. It is quite viable that one or two of the leadership might do this due to some intellectual blind spot or due to some psychological factor, but the idea that this is happening with all of them is ludicrous. A few unwitting helpers, and a multitude of all too willing hench-wenches, that’s what we have in the feminist leadership.

So what, then, are the plutocratic aims of second wave feminism? They are numerous, but the main ones boil down to this – feminize the workforce, spread irrational modes of thinking, and psychologically attack men from the lower classes. Sure, there are also other elements such as helping the plutocrats to crack down on free speech by screaming misogyny then asking Facebook to remove “objectionable” material – this is a well-oiled slope that is intended to eventually make it more acceptable for things like Facebook to censor other “objectionable” material such as calls for revolution or the dissolving of the state. Another obvious effect of feminism has been to help the New “Left” distract the lower classes from the issues that really matter – class and the environment – by harping on about less important matters such as the discomfort of high heels and the scarcity of female football players! Face it, lefties, it’s not as if Wall St cares whether their stooge in the White House is male or female, black or white, straight or gay – as long as the puppet dances to their tune, all is well. The feminist lapdogs also encourage a much harder line on law and order by spreading hysteria about “Violence Against Women,” knowing full well that in a culture such as ours women are of primary concern and that anything is justified to keep the sacred creatures safe – even if it means locking men up for a couple of weeks simply because they have been charged with domestic violence. How does this benefit the plutocrats? Well, if certain places can now lock men up for a couple of weeks without a conviction, why shouldn’t we be able to do the same for men charged with – but not convicted of – making revolutionary or anti-state comments? See what I mean by a well-oiled slope? But these are the lesser of the Second Wave’s attainments, the main three are, as I see it, the deadliest to the interests of the lower classes and they will be the focus of this series. First, we have the way feminism has ruined conditions for the lower class workforces…

Over the last few decades, feminism has convinced millions of shit-brained women that, somehow, 40 hours in a boring office or a stinking factory is more fun and fulfilling than looking after your own children in the comfort of your own home – because as every waitress knows, it is soooo much more rewarding to feed coffee and donuts to strangers than dinner to your own children. Somehow, the dumber members of the female sex bought the idea that – unlike their husbands, brothers and fathers – class would not stand in their way and they would become someone important. CEOs, doctors, lawyers, the kind of thing that the males in their family never managed to become. I have yet to decide whether it was sexism or pure idiocy that led so many women to believe in this particular fantasy, but I should also point out that many women seem to have bought the idea that being a housewife would lead them to break out in psychosomatic boils – I kid you not, Betty Friedan actually makes that claim in The Feminine Mystique – so I lean towards seeing it as a confluence of sexism and sheer stupidity.

Having bought the mirage of the workplace paradise, millions of female Zippies flooded into the workforce. This benefited the plutocracy in at least two ways. First, it brought down wages and salaries through increased competition for jobs. Simple numbers alone would have done this, throw in the fact that most of these deluded females were providing the family’s supplementary income rather than its primary one – and were therefore both able and willing to take less money for the same work – and you have an easily foreseeable recipe for disaster. How long do you think it took bosses to overcome any traditionalist objections they may have had to women in the workforce once they realized that Mrs. X was willing to work for less than Mr. Y? Not bloody long – greed trumps patriarchy any day of the week.

Secondly, it made the whole workforce more compliant. By filling as many parts of the workplace as possible with the sex which, historically, is less likely to rebel against oppression the bosses make it easier to downgrade wages and conditions, knowing fully well that a woman with a steel pipe is highly unlikely to kick in their door and smash their heads in, much less go up against a horde of blue-clad Stormtroopers. You show me one woman like Mother Jones, and I will show you a dozen men like Eugene Debbs. The plutocracy knows from their experiences with previously male dominated careers such as teaching and secretarial work that once the women take over you can reel out your dick and piss on everything without fear of any significant revolt. Even Chomsky, not a man given to saying things feminists don’t like, points out that when the U.S corporations started outsourcing to Jamaica in the 70s they deliberately chose female-dominated workforces as they knew they would be easier to dominate than the Jamaican men.

Once this initial gaggle of knuckleheads flooded into the workforce many of the more sensible women – the ones who realized that the ideal life did not consist of filling out forms or assembling widgets – were forced to go to work part time in order to supplement what was now their husband’s smaller wage packet. Good idea in the short term, but not so much in the long term, as this second wave of women brought yet more competition – again from members of the less rebellious sex seeking only a secondary income – and wages and salaries came down even further. Soon, of course, these women would have to be working full time just like hubby and now we have a situation in which both mom and dad can be working like dogs and still not be able to support a family – the kind of situation that a couple of years ago led British charity Save the Children to set up a campaign to help not children in the third world but kids in Britain itself! You don’t need to be an economist to realize this is a situation that has the plutocrats rolling with laughter and giggling with delight. The left, of course, would like to lay all the blame at the feet of things like outsourcing and mechanization, factors that have obviously contributed to the problem of lower wages etc, but steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the part the feminist movement has had in this attack on the lower classes lest it reflect badly on their feminist friends and, by extension, on women. The right, on the other hand, refuses to acknowledge it lest it make their capitalist idols look bad by associating them with feminists!

Incidentally, this filling of the workforce with women has, in turn, facilitated the transition from a human workforce to a machine workforce. Given that few people in the sixties could have predicted the explosion in technology that would soon make workers of both sexes redundant, I suspect that the original goal was to permanently feminize the workforce so as to more easily control it. But the plutocracy is smart – or at least it can afford to hire minions who are smart – and it has adapted the strategy to the new circumstances. What was initially intended as a permanent feminization of the workforce has become only a stopgap on the way to the obsolescence of the great majority of both working class and middle class workers. Permanent feminization, temporary feminization —  either way you get a workforce that puts up with more shit, including being made obsolete by Robby The Robot.

So this is where feminism has dumped the common man and woman – in a cesspool, a near-Dickensian situation in which the average couple with children now finds itself working around 50% more than a few decades ago. From dad doing 40 hours in the office or factory and mom doing, say, 30 hours at home to both of them doing 40 in the workplace and then having to split the housework and childrearing between them. I’m no mathematician but I’m pretty sure that that adds up to about 55 hours for each of them. More work both in and outside of the home, less pay, less benefits, less dignity – just the way the plutocrats like it. Ask yourself also, why doesn’t the plutocracy destroy feminism? We know they can do it, they control the media and the government. Simply stop talking about all these feminist issues and within a couple of years feminism will be relegated to the dark corners of the internet, it will become to most people nothing more than a vague, malodorous memory. Yet year after year, decade after decade the plutocrats leave feminism to go on its merry way. They crushed socialism, anarchism, communism, the unions, even liberalism is being dismantled. Yet feminism remains untouched. There are only two viable explanations for this amnesty – at best feminism does the plutocracy no harm, at worst it is actually serving its interests. You already know which of those I think is most likely. So make no mistake, boys and girls – it may be the feminists who are carrying out the hit, but it’s the plutocrats who are paying the bill.

Interpol Alert Issued for Tomato-Stealing Dirtbags!

Interpol Alert Issued for Tomato-Stealing Dirtbags! published on

Well, not really, but it’s still a bloody good sign of the times. While billionaire crooks get away with looting the global economy, three men in London are being charged with stealing food – from a dumpster! That’s right, it’s illegal to steal garbage. Nobody owns it, it’s going to end up in a landfill somewhere, yet it is illegal to take it. It’s a pity these men aren’t the rats that go through my rubbish bins – at least then they would have PETA on their side.

Seems last October three men living in a squat in London decided that the gnawing feeling in their guts wasn’t much fun, so they hopped over the wall of a supermarket’s yard and took a bunch of food from a skip, which is what the English call a dumpster (they do this to avoid confusion, as in England dumpster is slang for toilet). It wasn’t even fancy food, like caviar or truffles (mmmm… truffles…) it was just some tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese and some weird thing called Mr Kipling Cakes. After being caught, the criminal masterminds’ haul was returned to the supermarket, which, we can safely assume, promptly threw it back into the dumpster!

According to the scumbag authorities…

“…there is significant public interest in prosecuting these three individuals”.

This is how sick British society is becoming. These men did no harm, didn’t even cause any property damage, yet the trash in charge of the situation think it is in the public interest to lock them up for being poor and hungry. Can this be explained through anything other than sadism? Where is the gain otherwise? Unlike other forms of bastardry involving the poor there doesn’t seem to be anything of tangible value to gain from cases like this — it’s not like cutting welfare or education so more of the tax dollars can go into subsidizing the rich. It seems to be just a case of people in authority being bastards because they can be and a sign of how brutal and callous the Masters of Men truly are. As things get harder and harder for the common man, one would expect more leniency in such cases – but no, we would need to have actual human beings in power for shit like that to happen.

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