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American Firm’s Not So Hidden Contempt for the Poor

American Firm’s Not So Hidden Contempt for the Poor published on

Think the lawyers who foreclose on people’s homes are just a bunch of otherwise decent folks doing an unpleasant job? Think again.

According to a former employee, last year the soulless slimebags at New York law firm Steven J Baum decided that for Halloween they would get their jollies by dressing up as their victims. Amongst the delights to be had were mockups of foreclosed homes, improvised shelters, a coffin bearing the name of a lawyer who dared to take exception to their apparently psychopathic way of doing business, and various assholes wearing outfits which they no doubt obtained by beating the crap out of that guy who lives in the dumpster behind their offices.

My fave is the cow in the photo – don’t you just love the way she further mocks the people whose lives she has ruined by implying that they can’t spell even the simplest of words? I am also amused by the irony of her doing so, given that she herself has apparently failed to learn even the simplest of moral principles…


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