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Yeehar, it’s a good ol’ fashioned lynchin’!

Yeehar, it’s a good ol’ fashioned lynchin’! published on 3 Comments on Yeehar, it’s a good ol’ fashioned lynchin’!

Here’s how the filth have fun in Houston, Texas.

A ‘well tanned’ 15 year old boy named Chad Holley made the mistake of committing a burglary, so the cops took him down. Sounds good so far, problem is that even once the boy was down the filth decided to put the boot in – again and again and again.

Apparently no stranger to police procedure, as soon as Chad hits the ground he flips onto his belly and puts his hands behind his head. The cops somehow assume this is threatening behavior so they proceed to kick the crap out of him!

The offending officers were later aided and abetted by the Mayor ( gay white female), the DA (white female ) and the Chief of Filth (black male), all of  whom claimed that the video was too graphic to be shown and might upset the sensibilities of all those delicate Texans!

Would these clowns have taken the same attitude towards a video of some black thugs beating the crap out of a white cop? Pig’s arse, they would!

Still, it could have been worse for Chad – the cops could have remembered to bring a rope…

More here, including a petition being sent to Attorney General Eric Holder. Just for the record my manager signed it and added this bit …

“I guess locking up black males by the truckload isn’t enough, you have to beat them senseless as well. Remember, these days the whole world really is watching.

Michael Claymore

Sydney, Australia”


Boofhead Indian Racists Slander Australia

Boofhead Indian Racists Slander Australia published on

Recently a young Indian man was murdered in Melbourne and this, of course, has led to claims by Indians that Australia is a racist country!

Never mind that the police have pointed out that there seems to be no racial motivation involved in this killing, and that even if there were, that would make only the actual murderers certifiable racists, not the entire country – after all, when an Australian is killed in India, does that make all curry-swillers racists? Presumably not.

These facts however, do not stop the slandering of our country by idiots such as “James”, who drooled this onto his keyboard…

‘‘I am an Indian occupying a reasonably responsible position in Australia, but I can state without any doubt that this is a racist country, which discriminates Indians on every count,”

Except of course, when it comes to assigning them to “reasonably responsible” positions!

And according to a dimwit using the all-too-apt online name of Daffy…

‘‘Well can’t blame the Aussies. They started as a bunch of thugs, killed the Aborigines and now they continue to do same.’’

And then of course, the hate mongers roll out their white sheets…

‘‘Ban over flight of Qantas through Indian air space. Ban all imports from Australia. Ask British to de-colonise Australia or India does it. These white dogs understand only one language, kick in the face … ’’

… writes some drooling, knuckle-dragging thug calling himself “Neck Breaker”. White dogs! Wow, to use the so-called logic being used by all these meatheads, this now proves that all Indians are racist, right? I mean, one of them has said something racist so by their own reasoning India is a racist country, not merely a country with a few racists in it!

And the anti-white racism isn’t to be found only amongst the mouth-breathing troglodyte ghetto dwellers, it goes as high up the ladder as the Indian External Affairs Minister S.M Krishna (that’s him soiling his hands by touching some buck-toothed old white woman) issuing this threat…

‘The stabbing … is brutal and I hope the Australian Government will take necessary action and not force India to look to other ways. We will not tolerate it any more,”

Strangely enough Krishna didn’t mention anything about all the Australian tourists who are robbed, raped and killed in his own country. Yes, it’s a Bollywood paradise over there with everyone joyfully singing and dancing in the streets and nobody ever being murdered, and definitely never because their white skin reminds the locals of the British!  To be blunt, given the resentment towards the Brits, I would find it difficult to believe that there aren’t a substantial number of racially motivated murders happening in India, so I guess from now on every time I hear a story of some  Australian bloke being beaten to death by Indian waiters, I’ll have to write a post about how racist India is!

Frankly, even the mildest of these reactions makes Indians look racist, after all they are simply assuming, without evidence, that the killing is racially motivated, and to assume that they obviously can’t have a very high opinion of Aussies to begin with.

More here.

The Great Freddo Robbery!

The Great Freddo Robbery! published on

A twelve year old boy has been charged with receiving stolen goods after a friend gave him stolen Freddo Frog (one of Australia’s most popular kiddie chocolates).

The boy is an aboriginal, or as Silvio Berlusconi would put it, he is “tanned”, and i’m sure that didn’t help his case any, given that Aboriginal kids are almost 30 times more likely than other kids to be in the clink on any given day. Poor little bugger, male and black in a western country – how’s that for being twice damned…

The young boy, who is apparently perceived by the authorities in Western Australia as the greatest threat to Australian law and order since the days of Ned Kelly, was held for several hours in the local lockup after being arrested and also faces a second charge over receiving a novelty sign from the same friend. This sign apparently reads ”Do not enter, genius at work,” so it is a safe bet that it wasn’t stolen from a Western Australian cop’s office.

The little menace’s lawyer, Peter Collins, has asked the WA police to drop the charges but has so far not been given a response.

John Fogarty, a children’s rights campaigner told the media…

”If this was a non-indigenous child, the most he would probably get in Victoria and most other jurisdictions, would be the mildest of warnings by the local sergeant.”

If the sentencing disparities between white adults are anything to go by, he probably wouldn’t  even get that if it wasn’t for his willy.

More on the Lilliputian John Dillinger here.