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Boofhead Americans Slander Australia

Boofhead Americans Slander Australia published on 1 Comment on Boofhead Americans Slander Australia

Hot on the heels of slack-jawed Indians referring to we Australians as “white dogs”, along comes a bunch of Harry Connick Jr wannabes to criticize an Australian KFC ad in which a cricket fan quiets a bunch of loud black people by giving them some fried chicken!

Much like Connick these fools can’t tell the difference between Australia and the Deep South, so here is the main one folks – in Australia we do not have the stereotype of the fried chicken loving negro! Hell, we barely have any negroes anyway, we have aboriginals, and the last I looked they don’t give a toss about fried chicken!  Now if the ad showed him calming down a bunch of black Americans by giving them fried chicken that would be different, but they aren’t Americans, they are West Indians.

Once again thousands of people who are the product of the developed word’s worst education system are taking something out of its cultural context and acting as if the whole world is, or at least should be, like the United States. The ignorance and arrogance required to do this is astounding, not to mention the hypocrisy given that unlike Americans we never went to war to have the right to own other human beings, nor do we have groups dedicated to wiping out people just because of their skin color!

KFC claims that the ad was not intended for showing in the Land of Racial Harmony, and this is quite easy to believe given that most Americans, at least the ones not driven by the politically correct sawdust between their ears, would look at this ad and wonder who the hell the white guy is, and why is he dressed like that, and what are those black people, Jamaicans or something? So yes, America not being a cricket loving country, I have no trouble believing that this ad was never intended for the USA and since we do not have the image of goggle-eyed Stepin Fetchits gobbling down fried chicken and watermelon woven into our culture, the whole thing is a storm in a cup of chicken gravy, and yet another example of why Norman Mailer was right when he said that America simply does not have the maturity to lead the world.

As for the dimwits at The Young Turks, they aren’t fit to run a school newspaper much less a political website. The colored man actually claims that he gives people the benefit of the doubt before coming to any judgment! Too bad that part of his thought process didn’t include ideas as fundamental as “Australia is not America”! As for the white woman, she actually refers to the West Indians as African-Americans! How’s that for covert racism? Hell, them there is negras so they must all be the same right? West Indians look kind of like African-Americans so it’s okay to refer to them as such, rather like referring to a Japanese as a Chinaman, after all they look pretty similar too!

Must left wing Americans make it a habit to show the world their stupidity at such frequent intervals? Don’t they realize most normal people react to their blitherings by no longer taking them seriously? Here’s some free advice from a thinking progressive – think before you speak, ask yourself if there are  any cultural differences between America and the rest of the (far more ) civilized world, and if you can’t figure out the difference between Sydney and Alabama, just keep your idiot mouths shut.

Story here, the ad and a pair of arrogant, self-righteous American pinheads below.

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