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Born Black. Born Male. Born Dead.

Born Black. Born Male. Born Dead. published on

One night last year California transit cop Johannes Mehserle took out his gun and fatally shot Oscar Grant in the back while Grant was lying face down on the ground.

One would think that this would be a pretty obvious case of murder, especially given that several witnesses managed to film the killing and then uploaded it to the internet.

Despite this, BART cop Mehserle wasn’t even convicted of murder but of the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter, presumably because someone bought the defense’s claim that he was reaching not for his gun but his taser, and of course the idea that a man who is kissing the concrete needs to be tasered, and that a gun and a taser feel the same in the hand, and that as he leveled the gun at Oscar Grant Mehserle didn’t have time to see that it was a firearm not a taser, cos you know, the dude must be retarded or something.

This lesser charge was bad enough, but when Judge Robert Perry handed down the sentence did he go for the maximum of 14 years?

Of course not, the guy only shot a nigger! A male nigger at that! Hell, as far as the powers that be are concerned, being black makes you less human, and being male makes you less human, so Mehserle could have shot Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua and gotten a heavier sentence!

So what did Mehserle get? Perry handed out the smallest sentence he could – two years! Two years for killing an unarmed man as he lay helpless! Not only that, but with time served he’ll be out in about one year!

Think I’m kidding about the Chihuahua? Remember Michael Vick? Yeah, that’s right, the fucker that killed those fighting dogs. He got twenty three months, so I guess that’s what a black man’s life is worth in America, about half a dozen pit-bulls!

Meanwhile Mehserle has whined that the other inmates will want to kill him, so at least the news isn’t all bad. Now if only we could manage to send Judge Perry to the same cage…

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Video of the murder below