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The Great Freddo Robbery!

The Great Freddo Robbery! published on

A twelve year old boy has been charged with receiving stolen goods after a friend gave him stolen Freddo Frog (one of Australia’s most popular kiddie chocolates).

The boy is an aboriginal, or as Silvio Berlusconi would put it, he is “tanned”, and i’m sure that didn’t help his case any, given that Aboriginal kids are almost 30 times more likely than other kids to be in the clink on any given day. Poor little bugger, male and black in a western country – how’s that for being twice damned…

The young boy, who is apparently perceived by the authorities in Western Australia as the greatest threat to Australian law and order since the days of Ned Kelly, was held for several hours in the local lockup after being arrested and also faces a second charge over receiving a novelty sign from the same friend. This sign apparently reads ”Do not enter, genius at work,” so it is a safe bet that it wasn’t stolen from a Western Australian cop’s office.

The little menace’s lawyer, Peter Collins, has asked the WA police to drop the charges but has so far not been given a response.

John Fogarty, a children’s rights campaigner told the media…

”If this was a non-indigenous child, the most he would probably get in Victoria and most other jurisdictions, would be the mildest of warnings by the local sergeant.”

If the sentencing disparities between white adults are anything to go by, he probably wouldn’t  even get that if it wasn’t for his willy.

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